Only pay for what you use

Get flexible and transparent pricing with automatic discounts as you scale.
  • The carrier advantage
    Our global carrier infrastructure means Telnyx delivers greater reliability at lower costs than any other network.
  • Pay as you go
    Just pay for what you use -- there's no need for a contract. We'll automatically apply discounts as you scale.
  • Custom pricing
    Talk to our Sales Team to find out more about greater discounts when you're ready to commit to monthly usage.
  • Elastic SIP Trunking

    Leverage global voice connectivity for your VoIP infrastructure.

    Starting at $0.0035/min for origination and $0.005/min for termination.

    See Pricing
  • Voice API

    Programmatically make, manage and route calls.

    Starting at $0.002/min to make or receive a call.

    See Pricing

    Programmatically send and receive SMS, MMS and more across the globe.

    Starting at $0.004 to send or receive SMS.

    See Pricing
  • Fax

    Send and receive Fax via API.

    Starting at $0.0070/page.

    See Pricing
  • Wireless

    Build and scale cellular IoT products with a single global SIM.

    Starting at $0.01/MB.

    See Pricing
  • Verify API

    Send two-factor authentication codes via SMS, flash call or voice.

    Starting at $0.03/Verification.

    See Pricing
  • Identity Services & Data

    Get Caller ID, CNAM, LRN and Switch data.

    Starting at $0.0015/LRN lookup.

    See Pricing
  • Networking

    Transport data between global locations via the cloud.

    Starting at $100/month (AWS 50Mbps).

    See Pricing

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