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  • Woman communicates using different communication tools
    Insights & Resources

    Build an omnichannel customer experience in 5 steps

    In the third of our three-part retail solutions series, we explore how to build a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

  • Omnichannel retail solutions #2
    Insights & Resources

    Retail marketers: Attract and retain more customers

    In the second of our three-part retail solutions series, we dive into the benefits of building a seamless customer journey.

  • automated phone survey feature image
    Insights & Resources

    How automated phone surveys can benefit your business

    Discover what automated phone surveys are, how they work, and how businesses leverage them.

  • Healthcare communications
    Insights & Resources

    Communications APIs for healthcare

    Learn how communications APIs can help your healthcare organization communicate with more patients, more effectively.

  • Telnyx rebrand logo on green background
    News & Events

    Telnyx rebrands to reflect commitment to connectivity

    Our new brand reflects a commitment to reliable, secure global connectivity. Learn about our new look—and our upcoming offerings.

  • three people sending SMS for small business
    Insights & Resources

    SMS for small business: The basics

    Learn the basics of SMS for small businesses, who should use it, best practices, and how to get started.

  • Direct Routing vs Operator Connect text and logos
    Insights & Resources

    Direct Routing vs. Operator Connect

    Explore the differences between two bring-your-own-carrier (BYOC) methods of connecting to the Microsoft Teams platform.

  • call menu visual with two people
    Insights & Resources

    What is a call menu, and how can it help your business?

    Learn how to set up your call menu and how it can help your customers navigate your business with ease.

  • Two phones connected across the globe
    Insights & Resources

    3 benefits of BYOC for your UC platform

    Bringing your own carrier (BYOC) to your UC platform can improve global coverage and quality and decrease calling costs.

  • Pocket watch surrounded by keys to represent TOTP
    Insights & Resources

    What is a time-based one-time password (TOTP)?

    TOTPs are one of the most common methods of two-factor authentication (2FA). Learn how TOTPs can keep your data safe.

  • omnichannel retail marketing graphic
    Insights & Resources

    Retail marketers: Do you know your customers?

    In the first of our 3-part retail solutions series, we dive into why getting to know customers decreases churn and boosts ROI.

  • Thumbnails showing sectors for IoT solution providers
    Insights & Resources

    Top IoT solution providers in 2023

    Choosing an IoT solution provider for your next big project? Learn about the top providers in the space.

  • City connected by edge computing network
    Guides & Tutorials

    Running on the edge: Everything you need to know

    Edge computing helps organizations process and store data quickly and locally. Learn about the edge, its benefits, and use cases.

  • SMS survey example: hands holding iPhone with speech bubble
    Insights & Resources

    SMS survey examples and best practices

    Discover best practices for crafting effective SMS surveys, and get inspired by real-world examples.

  • outbound IVR graphic with ringing cell phone
    Insights & Resources

    What is outbound IVR, & how can it increase engagement?

    Learn how outbound IVR can help you increase customer satisfaction and streamline processes.

  • SIM card connecting in different countries via IMSI switching
    Insights & Resources

    What is IMSI switching, and how does it work?

    IMSI switching allows devices to connect to networks across the globe. Learn about IMSI switching, its benefits, and use cases.

  • SIM card serves as a flower pot
    Insights & Resources

    IoT for Sustainability — How IoT is changing the world

    IoT is emerging as a viable technology for confronting environmental sustainability issues.

  • dynamic number insertion on website
    Insights & Resources

    Understanding dynamic number insertion and its benefits

    Learn how dynamic number insertion works, and discover the key benefits of this powerful marketing tool.

  • Woman in call center wearing headset smiles into camera
    Insights & Resources

    Top benefits of conversational AI for customer service

    Conversational AI can help your business save time and cut operational costs. Keep reading to learn how.

  • icon features delivery-reports
    New Products & Features

    New Messaging Deliverability Dashboard

    Messaging customers can now track real-time deliverability via dashboard.

  • Hands holding phone send texts into the ether
    Insights & Resources

    What is A2P messaging?

    A2P messaging helps businesses send automated messages to consumers. Learn more about A2P messaging and its use cases.

  • IVR call center graphic shows IVR routing
    Insights & Resources

    IVR for call centers: Top 3 benefits to consider

    Learn what IVR is and how your business can benefit from implementing it in your call center.

  • Man wearing glasses looks at text on phone
    Insights & Resources

    Leveraging SMS customer engagement to increase ROI

    Learn how SMS customer engagement can be used to deliver a positive customer experience and drive more sales.

  • voice to CRM graphic overlaid world image
    Insights & Resources

    What is voice to CRM, and how does it work?

    Voice to CRM integrates your business phone system with your customer relationship management (CRM) software. Learn how it works:

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