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  • Using Telnyx Voice API with OpenAI
    Insights & Resources

    Customer spotlight: Using Telnyx Voice API with OpenAI

    A developer in Turkey leveraged Telnyx and OpenAI to call thousands of pharmacies to find medication during a shortage.

  • A woman working on her laptop using Telnyx Storage
    Insights & Resources

    How to build a data backup business with Telnyx Storage

    Building a data backup business can be a highly lucrative venture. Make sure Telnyx Storage is included in your tech stack.

  • sms marketing roi flow chart
    Insights & Resources

    Increase SMS marketing ROI with 3 actionable strategies

    Looking to maximize your SMS marketing ROI? Use our tips, strategies, and resources to get started.

  • woman receiving SMS notification
    Insights & Resources

    What are SMS notifications and why should you use them?

    Discover why businesses use SMS notifications and learn how Telnyx can help you build a robust, efficient notification system.

  • Personalized text message copy discussing compliance for a 10DLC campaign
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    Compliance, user experience, and 10DLC campaigns

    Learn how to unlock the full potential of your 10DLC campaigns through compliance and improved user experience.

  • New features for European and International customers
    New Products & Features

    New Features for European & International Customers

    Telnyx has released a host of updates for European and international customers.

  • Local calling with Telnyx

    Why local calling is a game changer for global business

    Telnyx is excited to announce the expansion of local calling to 15 new markets. Read more about our local calling services.

  • 10DLC Compliance for SMS Campaigns
    Insights & Resources

    What is 10DLC compliance, and why does it matter?

    10DLC compliance helps businesses improve the messaging ecosystem, increase deliverability, reduce spam, and enhance security.

  • Getting started with Telnyx Storage tutorial video
    Guides & Tutorials

    VIDEO: Getting started with Telnyx Storage

    Get started with low-latency and low-cost object storage at the edge with Telnyx.

  • Telnyx decentralized object storage
    Insights & Resources

    The future of storage is decentralized

    The movement towards decentralized Web3 technology: reliable and efficient data storage at the edge.

  • Telnyx Storage code in portal
    Insights & Resources

    What is object storage?

    Object storage is an efficient way to store and manage large amounts of data for backup and archiving, data analytics, and more.

  • SMS and MMS text message
    Insights & Resources

    Mastering SMS character limits: Why it matters

    Learn about SMS character limits to avoid these four obstacles businesses face when texting.

  • 10DLC numbers for business texting
    Insights & Resources

    What are 10DLC numbers?

    Learn about 10DLC numbers, how they compare to other number types, and how your business can benefit from 10DLC registration.

  • Backup as a Service can help with data loss
    Insights & Resources

    What is Backup as a Service (BaaS)?

    Backup as a Service (BaaS) enables organizations to store, manage, and recover data securely and efficiently.

  • Telnyx Global IP
    New Products & Features

    Global IPs from Telnyx are now in open beta

    Manage your high-availability services with Global IPs from Telnyx.

  • eUICC and eSIM card image
    Insights & Resources

    eUICC vs. eSIM: The future of IoT connectivity

    Discover the differences between eUICC and eSIM, their roles in IoT, and how SIM cards provide connectivity for IoT deployments.

  • types of phone number examples over world map
    Insights & Resources

    Types of phone numbers and their business use cases

    Discover different types of phone numbers, their benefits, and which number is the best fit for your use case.

  • MMS message example
    Insights & Resources

    What is MMS messaging? How can your brand leverage it?

    Learn how MMS messaging for business can boost customer engagement, streamline communication, and improve brand recognition.

  • S3 vs Azure Blob
    Insights & Resources

    Amazon S3 vs. Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

    A comparison between Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, and Telnyx Storage

  • Desktop, mobile phone, landline phone in Telnyx branding colors
    Insights & Resources

    What is SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)?

    SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) helps facilitate modern communications, such as voice and video calls, over the internet.

  • eBook deliverability background low res
    Insights & Resources

    SMS/MMS Deliverability Guide 2023

    Read our in-depth SMS & MMS delivery guide based on a sample of 1 billion messages sent in late 2022

  • A woman sitting at her laptop building a click-to-call dialer into her CRM
    Insights & Resources

    Building a click-to-call dialer into your CRM platform

    Enable sales reps to win deals and connect with prospects by integrating a click-to-call dialer into your CRM platform.

  • Man using E911 VoIP feature
    Insights & Resources

    Understanding standard and dynamic E911 for VoIP

    For VoIP users, Enhanced 911 (E911) is critical for helping emergency services locate a caller in need.

  • Man in suit interacting with a hologram containing information about API basics
    Insights & Resources

    API Basics: Unveiling the core of modern tech

    Discover the fundamentals of APIs, their real-life applications, and how they power the digital world.

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