Compare Telnyx vs. Bandwidth

Both Telnyx and Bandwidth offer APIs and UIs to power business communications. So what’s the real difference between the two?

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Granular Control

Telnyx offers fine-grained control over routing, authentication, configuration settings and more, so you can build with freedom.

Limited Customization

Bandwidth restricts configuration around options like encryption, whitelisting and authentication, limiting your integration options.

One Location For Ultimate Control

The Telnyx Mission Control portal is your sophisticated platform with the power to customize, simplify and scale your communications.

Multiple Dashboards

Multiple destinations for tools and services that add unnecessary overhead to managing your business.

Instant Developer Support

Got questions? Get a response in seconds from the engineers who built the API in our dedicated developer Slack channel.

Outdated Developer Experience

Bandwidth forces you to comb through pages of outdated API docs, or submit a ticket to the end of their support queue, for simple questions.

Number Operations
Direct Number Inventory

Telnyx’s dedicated porting team is trained across International porting, and our Lookup API provides number information like MNC and MCC.

Local Services Only

Bandwidth currently offers porting services across the US and Canada, with number lookup information limited to these regions too.

SMS Pricing
Lowest Price SMS

There’s no charge to receive an SMS and just $0.0025 to send (50% less than Bandwidth).

Costly to Send SMS

Bandwidth charges $0.005 to send a SMS, which can limit your ability to scale.

Global Network

Points of presence in 10 locations across the globe connected via our private IP network, delivering the quality required for scaling with ease.

National Network

Bandwidth’s network only provides coverage from 4 points of presence in North America, limiting your ability to grow internationally.

Telephony Assets
Numbers in 100+ Countries

Instantly search for, purchase and provision local, national and toll-free numbers, with features to match your use-case.

Limited Number Inventory

Bandwidth only provides access to telephone numbers within North America, meaning you need other providers for truly global reach.

International Fraud Protection
Full Control Over International Calling

Turn on international calling for individual countries, with real-time monitoring and advanced AI fraud detection so you're always protected.

Limited International Fraud Protection

Bandwidth forces you to activate international calling for every country at once, limiting your fraud protection options.


Telnyx Rated Higher Than Bandwidth In Every Category

It's time to consider a better alternative.

Telnyx gives you unparallelled control over your communications through our Mission Control Portal. Start building your future with a partner dedicated to innovation.

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