Compare Telnyx vs. Bandwidth

Both Telnyx and Bandwidth offer APIs and UIs to power business communications. So what’s the real difference between the two?

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Granular Control

Telnyx offers complete control over routing, authentication, configuration setting and more, so you can build with freedom.

Limited Customization

Bandwidth restricts configuration around options like encryption, whitelisting and authentication, limiting your integration options.

One Location for Ultimate Control

The Telnyx Mission Control portal is your sophisticated platform with the power to customize, simplify and scale your communications.

Multiple Dashboards

Multiple destinations for tools and services that add unnecessary overhead to managing your business.

Self-Service Onboarding with Instant Support

Sign up and go instantly with step-by-step guidance in the portal and access to on-demand support from engineers who built the API, via our educated developer Slack channel.

Sales Oriented Onboarding Experience

Bandwidth requires you to contact a member of their team and talk to a salesperson in order to be able to use or even try their products.

SMS Pricing
Lowest Price SMS

There’s no charge to receive an SMS and just $0.004 to send.

Costly to Send SMS

Bandwidth charges $0.004 to send a SMS, which can limit your ability to scale.

Enhanced Security and Quality

Telnyx goes above and beyond to provide better security with ZRTP, TLS, and SRTP, and better voice quality using Opus and G.722 codecs.

Standard Features

Bandwidth sticks to common industry security features and does not use codecs for improved voice quality.

International Fraud Protection
Full Control Over International Calling

Turn on international calling for individual countries, with real-time monitoring and advanced AI fraud detection so you're always protected.

Limited International Fraud Protection

Bandwidth forces you to activate international calling for every country at once, limiting your fraud protection options.


Telnyx Rated Higher Than Bandwidth In Every Category

It's time to consider a better alternative.

Telnyx puts the power in your hands — achieve unparallelled control over your communications through our APIs and Mission Control Portal. Start building your future with a partner dedicated to innovation.