Our private, global network


A powerful, secure IP network to supercharge operations

Built over the course of a decade to combine cloud and hyperlocal edge capabilities, we power communications, wireless, networking, and storage from our private, global, multi-cloud IP network. We will continue leveraging the power of our network to create innovative new products and opportunities for our customers. Looking for connections? We offer fully-owned PoPs in critical locations.

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Built different. Built better.

More points of presence give you unrivaled lower latency. Multi-cloud architecture provides peace-of-mind redundancy.

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    17 points of presence in high-density metros

    Built with 17 points of presence (PoPs) in high-density metro areas across the globe, we offer connectivity at the hyperlocal edge.

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    Multi-cloud architecture

    Our multi-cloud architecture combines Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure to ensure reliability against latency, downtime, and packet loss.

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    Privately owned fiber interconnects

    We own private fiber interconnects between our PoPs to provide a private highway for your data traffic, fortifying security.

Designed with global, real-time communications in mind

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure empowers businesses to transform their communication capabilities with unparalleled security, scalability, and seamless global connectivity.

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    Our multi-cloud architecture offers reliability and redundancy at scale for true peace-of-mind.

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    More points of presence support low-latency communications for crystal-clear voice and fast deliverability.

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    Premium MPLS fiber interconnects between our PoPs mean your communications run on a private highway.

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    Networking documentation

    Learn how to create and manage your own networks via Telnyx’s Mission Control Portal.

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    Peering guidelines

    Understand the guidelines and technical requirements associated with Telnyx peering and interconnection.

  • Icon Resources Article

    Edge connectivity

    Dive into use cases for edge networks, computing, and storage.


PoP stands for point of presence. In the context of CPaaS providers with global IP networks, a PoP is a location where the IP carrier has network and switching equipment that takes your call from the public internet to the carrier's proprietary network and sends it directly to another PoP elsewhere in the network.