5 Contact Center Trends to Help You Scale

5 Contact Center Trends to Help You Scale

Modern consumers expect a customer journey that quickly gets them where they need to go, with a consistent experience across channels. But scaling customer service can mean increased costs, complexity, time and resources — and more mistakes.
Businesses must find balance when modernizing their contact centers to ensure they are meeting customer expectations without sacrificing future success. New technologies and better processes can help improve customer satisfaction while providing the agility you need to grow your business.
Here are five contact center trends to keep in mind when developing your customer experience (CX).

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies are automating some contact center functions to streamline call flows and free up agents. Automated functions include:
  • Finding Workforce Management (WFM) data trends.
  • Profiling customer history.
  • Providing cross-selling suggestions.
  • Analyzing customer sentiment.
  • Answering basic customer inquiries.
  • Pushing personalized learning content directly to agents.
For conversational AI platforms to deliver realistic interactions, contact center platforms require two key capabilities:
  1. Consistent Low Latency: Anything more than a second has a negative impact on the experience.
  2. Media Streaming/Forking: Call media can be duplicated and analyzed based on keyword, profile or sentiment to determine intelligent routing — all in real time.

2. Digital Transformation

For businesses to stay competitive, a proactive approach to digital transformation is essential. This should include an omnichannel strategy that integrates all the technologies that make up your customer journey, such as AI, unified communications and collaboration (UCC) tools, and more. Creating a digital contact center experience is about not only providing better context and more efficient customer interactions but also gaining valuable insights from these interactions, leveraging data throughout the customer journey to improve how customers engage with your platform.

3. Better Analytics

Today, most contact centers rely heavily on digital analytics and reporting to make business decisions and improve CX. Call and screen recording, chat, SMS messages and other features are all being monitored and analyzed to continuously improve efficiency. Sophisticated analytics can also be used for coaching new agents, enabling them to tap into the collective intelligence of the company.
Omnichannel contact centers are starting to rely on analytics and reporting to turn insights into ROI. You can expect additional analytics advancements as companies continue to implement unified communications platforms and strategies.

4. Cloud Communications Adoption

Contact centers often rely on remote agents to grow and scale in new locations while taking on new contracts. But a scattered workforce requires seamless communication and collaboration to be effective.
Cloud communications enable on-premise and remote workers to collaborate from any location while accessing the advanced analytics and tools they need to effectively manage customer conversations. And, cloud migration can be done in phases to help you scale without fully investing up front.

5. Customer Satisfaction Measurements

Customer satisfaction results are a great way for businesses to uncover strengths and weaknesses. Your measurements should help you better understand your customers, including their preferences and expectations when interacting with your business across channels. Integrating reporting and analytics tools within your communications systems will allow you to automate CX measurement and help agents better serve customers.
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