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Zoom Phone Bring Your Own Carrier with Telnyx

As the COVID-19 pandemic pushed businesses to adopt remote collaboration, many turned to Zoom thanks to its easy set up and extensive features. As the platform has evolved, customers are now looking to consolidate their traditional phone system with Zoom Phone to enhance call quality, increase global reach and reduce costs.

Telnyx provides reliable PSTN connectivity and call quality, making it the perfect telephony provider for Zoom Phone users looking to expand globally. Our intuitive self-service portal makes migration a breeze, so you can be talking with anyone, anywhere, in no time.


High-quality PSTN calling for Zoom Phone

Our deep integration with Zoom Phone means you can access high-quality, cost-effective PSTN calling in minutes.

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    Easy migration

    Our integration with Zoom Phone was designed to help users get talking quickly through Mission Control and the Zoom admin portal.

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    Automated porting

    Developer-friendly porting APIs ensure a fully transparent and seamless migration of your existing phone numbers to Telnyx.

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    Detailed debugging

    Debugging tools in Mission Control help you troubleshoot calls for full visibility–without having to wait for support.


Expand globally

Telnyx is a leading provider of global connectivity, with a deep local inventory to help your scale your business operations wherever you need.


markets where Telnyx has local numbers

Secure, high-quality PSTN calling

Our private, multi-cloud network takes your voice media on a private highway—away from the congested public internet—to deliver enhanced voice quality and security.


Multi-cloud points of presence

Always-on support

Our support team is available around the clock—for every customer—so your questions never have to wait until Monday.


Award-winning support

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Bring your own carrier (BYOC) allows Zoom Phone customers to use their current PSTN provider to route their calls, all from within Zoom Phone. This gives customers the benefits of all the Zoom Phone features, while connecting to the PSTN.