3 Ingredients of a Modern Healthcare Contact Center
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3 Ingredients of a Modern Healthcare Contact Center

3 Ingredients of a Modern Healthcare Contact Center Hero
The link between patient satisfaction and positive financial outcomes is now well established, and the healthcare industry is set for change as a result. Providers are undergoing a major transformation to deliver superior customer experiences across every touchpoint, with contact centers central to the shift.
Here are our top three tips for modernizing your contact center to better engage patients and drive greater internal efficiency:

1. Build an intelligent cloud-based IVR

An intelligent IVR allows you to streamline customer entry points, giving them easy access to your organization and directing them where they need to go faster. You should be able to capture data and iterate on your IVR, adding features or tweaking call flows based on customer insight.

2. Create omnichannel experiences

To build best-in-class patient experiences, providers need to consider every touchpoint of their journey. It’s no longer enough to deliver great customer service via just one channel. You’ll also need to consider the experiences that occur within and between channels.
For example, when a provider interacts with a patient via chatbot, it’s critical to consider the seamless handoff to a human contact center agent when issues become more complicated.

3. Leverage call analytics and conversational AI

The use of conversational AI goes hand-in-hand with real-time analytics. And these new technologies are revolutionizing the way patients interact with healthcare providers.
By integrating voice or SMS chatbots, providers can better profile patients while helping them navigate care plans and health benefits. Contact center platforms are also leveraging more sophisticated speech and behavior analytics to ensure patient queries are routed correctly, while reducing the strain on human resources.
To find out more about how you can modernize your healthcare contact center using Telnyx voice and SMS APIs — get in touch today.
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