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[Webinar] Build an IVR with the Telnyx Voice API

Learn how to build an IVR phone menu with the Telnyx Voice API

On March 23rd, team Telnyx hosted a live webinar showing attendees how to build an interactive voice response (IVR) phone menu using the Telnyx Voice API, TeXML (our simple XML-based scripting language), and Node.JS.
Our resident Developer Advocate, Dan, walked through everything you need to get up and running:
  • How to buy a phone number
  • How to register multiple different users on your phone number
  • How to answer an incoming call and play custom text-to-speech
  • How to prompt for and collect user button presses, and route calls based on those inputs
  • How to use a custom audio file instead of text-to-speech
Grab the code used in the demo, and read step-by-step instructions, at our demo GitHub repo.
If you couldn't join us for the live webinar, you can watch the recording by filling the form above!
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