Automatic IoT network failover

Secure, reliable connectivity for your devices. Telnyx IoT SIM Cards offer flexible data coverage with automatic network failover on 650+ networks globally, including Telstra and Optus in Australia.

Telnyx IoT SIM Card
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Multi-network IoT SIM cards for Australia

Internet of Things (IoT) deployments hinge on secure, stable internet connectivity, and having reliable failover in your network operations is key. Telnyx IoT SIMs have access to 650+ networks worldwide and automatically switch to the best available network to provide seamless failover and maximum uptime. Connect to local networks like Telstra and Optus and expand your business globally with a single Telnyx SIM.

All Telnyx SIMs are eUICC enabled and are available as triple-size plastic SIM cards, eSIM chips (embedded MFF2) and over-the-air eSIMs.


Connect your devices on your terms

Construct and deploy a device connectivity system that suits your needs and scales with you, via one global SIM card, an intuitive management portal and flexible APIs.

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    Multi-carrier SIM

    Use one SIM card to connect your devices to over 650 4G (LTE), 3G, 2G and LTE-M networks in over 180 countries—including Telstra and Optus in Australia. Check out our extensive coverage list.

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    Automatic network failover

    Telnyx SIMs automatically connect to the best available network, providing a seamless connectivity experience with built-in redundancy for maximum uptime.

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    Pay-as-you-go pricing

    Pay $1 one-time-charge per SIM and only pay for the data you use, with plans as low as $0.01 / MB, and low fees for inactive SIMs.

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    Data limits, alerts, & reporting

    Set custom thresholds for alerts & limits across one SIM card or a group of SIM cards. Export bespoke reports with in-depth usage data, network registrations, device locations and more.

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    Private LTE networks

    Connect devices directly to your corporate network with Private Wireless Gateways to avoid the dangers and inefficiencies of the public internet.

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    Public static IP

    Map public IP addresses to your SIMs so you can connect to your devices from other places on the internet, expanding their usability and making it easier to scale your IoT solution.

Only pay for what you use

Say goodbye to minimum order quantities and monthly data usage lock-ins. Pay as you go, for what you need and nothing more.

Data starting at:


Per MB


Wherever you need to go

No more managing local carriers and complex roaming agreements. Telnyx IoT SIM cards have global intelligent roaming on tier-1 networks.


countries with multiple carrier options

We've got you covered

Localize your connectivity today.


4G (LTE), 3G, 2G & LTE-M networks

With a single SIM

No SIM swapping, no data roaming fees.


EUICC Sim Card

How It Works
MFF2 vs. SIM Card

Start building

Our code is your code.

curl -X PATCH \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --header "Accept: application/json" \
  --header "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY" \
  --data '{"tags": ["region_7", "int_cards"]}' \
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    Explore tutorials to activate and configure IoT SIM cards on Raspberry Pi, PepWave and other popular devices. Or, browse our in-depth API reference.

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    Telnyx IoT SIMs power COSMO's child-safe smartwatches

    Learn how COSMO and Telnyx are pioneering child-safe watches with reliable connectivity for a safer, connected future.

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    Create a private LTE network with Telnyx Wireless

    Learn why private LTE networks are essential for secure IoT, and find out how to build one with Private Wireless Gateways and IoT SIM Cards.


Futureproof your IoT deployments

Customer Stories
We used several different carriers before Telnyx, but it was a huge headache to manage. From data limits, to billing, to having to switch SIMs as devices moved around to different parts of the world.
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Spencer Lowe

DevOps Manager, Clair Global