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A Technical Dive into How Private LTE Works

A deep dive into the overall benefits of a Private LTE network and each of its different components.

Risa Takenaka
Telnyx Private LTE networks

What is a private LTE network?

Creating your own private LTE network allows you to deploy physical devices, like an IoT device or a handset, to the edge of your corporate network in a highly secure and accessible manner. This means that you can treat these physical devices similar to any other device that’s connected to your corporate network, like a virtual machine in the cloud or a router in your data center.
This is relevant from a security standpoint, because your devices are no longer directly connected to the public internet. While the public internet does not lower the quality of communications from IoT devices, it does make them more vulnerable. Security is the most important obstacle to overcome for any IoT deployment, and when huge fleets of SIMs are deployed onto the public internet you now have a major attack vector.
Furthermore, because devices routed on a private LTE network sit inside your own private IP address space, they are directly accessible. This means that you have more control, as all traffic to and from your SIM can now be passed through your own firewall or DLP platform.

Private LTE network architecture

A Telnyx private LTE network is made up of a few core components, namely the SIM, RAN, IPX, private wireless gateway, VXC (or WireGuard) interface, and optionally, a public internet gateway for access to the public internet. Let’s take a technical dive into each of these different components:
SIM - The SIM is an eUICC device which has been custom designed by Telnyx to have access to over 150 networks globally (and counting.) We have our own inventory of SIMs, which you can purchase and register via our Mission Control Portal.
Radio Access Network (RAN) - The RAN is the part of the system that is entirely managed by our global connectivity partners - think of AT&T or T-Mobile’s infrastructure - whom we work directly with.
IP Exchange (IPX) - The IPX is a private exchange in which MNOs interface with each other and MVNOs for privatized connectivity handoff.
Private Wireless Gateway (PWG) - The private wireless gateway is a dedicated piece of infrastructure that you can create via the Telnyx API to ensure that the request flow of your data is entirely siloed from all other customers. The PWG connects to a virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) defined network on top of our MPLS backbone, which allows the SIM to connect directly to a variety of network interfaces. You can think of the VRF defined network as a sliver of Telnyx’s private IP network.
Virtual Cross Connects (VXC) or Wireguard Interface - The VXC or WireGuard interface connects your VRF defined network on top of our MPLS backbone to your corporate network and cloud infrastructure.
Public Internet Gateway - Gives your SIMs access to the public internet if you would like.
The most important interfaces for private LTE are a VXC or WireGuard interface and a public internet gateway because they ultimately provide a path for your SIM to have access to either your corporate network or the public internet. The diagram below illustrates how these components fit together to create Telnyx’s private LTE network:

Private LTE Network Providers

When getting started with a private LTE network for your IoT devices, it’s important to find a provider that can provide the technical infrastructure you need to build and maintain your network. As a tier-one carrier, we work directly with our roaming partners around the globe to ensure that your SIM fleet can connect reliably and securely.
Our self service portal and API let you purchase SIMs, register and configure them, and spin up a fully secure, private LTE network in a quick, intuitive process. In addition, our Wireless offering has key features to deliver an easy-to-use solution that lets you move fast and reduce your go to market time:
  • Gain full control over traffic routing and management.
  • Connect your SIM fleet to your corporate network and mobile terminate to them anytime with ease.
  • Ensures that data to and from your SIMs are secure, encrypted, and inaccessible from the public internet.
  • Access to granular data including time stamped sessions and SIM groups for fleet management at scale.
  • Our API reference, developer documentation, and easy-to-use portal to empower your business to minimize the time for procurement and integration.
If you’re ready to take the next step, make sure to sign up for Telnyx's private LTE beta!
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