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Business Travel with eSIM

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Elevate Business Roaming with eSIM

The logistics of managing and distributing traditional SIM cards in a global business can be complex. As teams travel internationally, finding local coverage and physically switching SIM cards is often stressful and a waste of company time. Beyond the inconvenience, there's the risk of employee phones getting lost or stolen, introducing security concerns for your business. Telnyx eSIM solution moves beyond the limitations of traditional SIM cards. With over-the-air provisioning, centralized management, and secure connection to your corporate network, your employees can enjoy global coverage on one eSIM and keep their personal SIM card on the same device.


Global Coverage, One eSIM

Empower your team with connectivity across 180+ networks worldwide. No more managing multiple SIM cards for different regions.


Nations covered

Total Control

Our dedicated Mission Control Portal lets you manage all your employee eSIM profiles simultaneously, simplifying the complex task of managing large teams.


Portal for centralized management

Business and leisure, simplified

Enable your employees to toggle between business and personal profiles on the go, no time wasted. Keep work and leisure separate, yet convenient.


Time wasted

How It Works
  1. 1

    Purchase your eSIMs

    Sign up at within seconds to create your free Telnyx portal account and purchase your eSIMs.

  2. 2

    Instantly deploy eSIMs to your team

    Deliver the eSIM profiles over-the-air to your team members - employees can activate the eSIM on their own device at their convenience.

  3. 3

    Connect securely, anywhere

    Your team can enjoy global internet access with the ability to seamlessly switch between profiles and networks. For added security, Telnyx offers Private Wireless Gateways to connect eSIMs directly to your corporate network, bypassing the public internet.

  4. 4

    Manage and monitor

    Use our management platform to monitor data usage, manage costs, and oversee user profiles and access. Stay in control, always.


Empower your business with Telnyx eSIM solutions

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eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a modern technology that replaces physical SIM cards. eSIM allows you to have multiple mobile network operators in a single device, switch between profiles on-the-go, and stay connected without the need for physical SIM cards.