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Countries reachable with cellular data coverage


Less time managing SIM cards


Cellular networks reachable across the globe

Through Telnyx’s platform, APIs, and IoT SIM Cards, Clair Global brings wireless data connectivity and VoIP phones to events all over the world.
Building on over fifty years of extensive touring experience, Clair Global delivers streamlined portable connection services including fan-facing Wi-Fi, Production IT, Ticketing and Vendor Connectivity, VoIP Phone Systems and Hardwired Media Connections. The demand for productions to operate consistently from site to site requires reliable on-site solutions and connectivity is a must in order for a production to succeed.
Clair Global's track record of live events includes large-scale one-off activations with tens or hundreds of thousands of attendees—like Coachella, the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix and BottleRock, as well as worldwide stadium tours for artists like Dua Lipa and Harry Styles. With the huge attendances and extensive productions typical for these events, Clair Global needs a connectivity partner they can rely on to deliver high-quality connectivity and communications at scale, across the globe.

Curing headaches in carrier relations with a truly global telco

Clair Global came to Telnyx with a host of carrier partnerships to cover every possible location where its customers' events might take place. Each carrier provided its own SIM card, billing system, and account manager, causing huge operational overhead. "We used several different carriers before Telnyx, but it was a huge headache to manage," said Spencer Lowe, DevOps Manager at Clair Global, on operating considerations "from data limits, to billing, to having to switch SIMs as racks and modems moved around to different parts of the world."

Switching to Telnyx IoT SIM Cards and SIP Trunking helped Clair Global replace its complex network of providers with one global carrier. With access to 400+ network providers in 180+ countries from a single multi-tenant SIM, Clair Global now equips all its devices with one card, making swapping and tracking SIM cards per country unnecessary. Leveraging the Telnyx Mission Control Portal to manage data limits and billing across its entire fleet of devices gave the Clair Global team even more time to focus on serving its customers. By Lowe's estimate, Clair Global spends 70% less time managing SIM cards since switching to Telnyx.

Unlocking new markets and customers with easier connectivity

Alongside streamlining Clair Global's carrier relations, the Telnyx platform empowered Clair Global to add new customers in new markets with ease. By fitting all of its devices in the field with our multi-carrier SIM cards, the devices automatically register on the mobile network with the most powerful signal strength, ensuring reliable coverage even in remote areas—especially important for festivals like Coachella or BottleRock.

Telnyx offers a scale-friendly pay-as-you-go pricing structure which helps Clair Global onboard new clients while controlling costs. Unlike most providers that require fixed monthly fees for large data volumes, Telnyx IoT SIM Card and data customers only pay for what they use. That means per-megabyte pricing with no lower limits on SIM card order sizes, which enables Clair Global to order and activate SIM cards exactly as needed and only pay for data used by those SIM cards. This worry-free approach to billing means Clair Global never has to consider data caps, plans or billing cycles when onboarding a new client or offering services in a new country.

Telnyx also unlocked smoother international phone calling for Clair Global and its clients, serving as an ideal backup option for touring musicians or event organizers when cell phone roaming is uncertain. With Telnyx AnchorSite, clients' calls automatically route to the nearest Telnyx point of presence (PoP), across our private backbone, and onwards to one of Clair Global's FreeSWITCH instances for super lowlatency and minimized jitter. The end result is crystal clear phone calls from anywhere in the world for Clair Global's clients.

Adding new capabilities and efficiencies with SIM card management APIs

The Telnyx Wireless API has improved Clair Global's product operations, allowing for seamless monitoring and management of its SIM fleet. Everything from data usage and spend per SIM card to real-time device location is programmatically extracted and piped into customized dashboards, providing a birds-eye view of Clair Global’s entire IoT deployment.

Clair Global also integrates Telnyx API endpoints and services with its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to make operations even more efficient. When onboarding new clients, Clair Global is able to bypass tedious manual activation processes by automating SIM card activation and tagging as new devices get deployed into the field.

Clair Global also has plans to leverage Telnyx Private Wireless Gateways, a networking solution that enables remote, secure access to devices in the field. By assigning devices IP addresses that can be reached from inside its corporate network—while remaining invisible to the public internet—Clair Global will be able to push firmware updates and configuration changes in a secure, contained networking environment.

Telnyx has helped Clair Global through the most exciting phase of its growth, expanding to serve more and more international events, with clients safe in the knowledge that they'll have the connectivity they need.


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