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Use eSIM to deploy your IoT devices or to provide connectivity to your personal mobile handset.

Multi-network connectivity for global IoT deployments

One Telnyx SIM provides access to 650+ networks all over the world. Our superior network coverage gives more choice, flexibility, and reliable failover, so you can securely connect your devices on your terms. Expand your deployments globally without swapping SIMs or paying data roaming fees.


Superior global coverage

Telnyx SIMs provide unrivaled coverage for global IoT deployments. Get more choice, redundancy, and reliable network failover, even in the most remote areas.


4G (LTE), 3G, 2G & LTE-M Networks

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Get connectivity without borders with Telnyx SIMs. No data roaming fees, no SIM swapping, just limitless scaling potential.


multi-network IoT SIM Card

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