Instantly provision seamless global connectivity with cellular data coverage in 180+ countries. Telnyx eSIMs unlock a new level of freedom and reliability for your IoT and mobile devices.

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Connect globally with zero-touch simplicity

With cellular data powered by eSIM technology, you can break free from the limitations of ethernet or WiFi connections. eSIM can be downloaded over-the-air and activated instantly (an alternative form factor to our IoT SIM cards). Telnyx eSIMs are your gateway to seamless, global connectivity that adapts to your needs, whenever and wherever.


Embrace the future of wireless connectivity

With one global eSIM, user-friendly management portal, and versatile APIs, you can instantly deploy a seamless network for your personal devices.

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    Multi-carrier eSIM

    Use one eSIM to connect your devices to over 650 LTE, 3G, 2G and LTE-M networks in over 180 countries—including all 4 major incumbents in the U.S.

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    Intelligent network switching

    Configure eSIMs to automatically select the best available network, or pin them to a network of your choice.

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    Pay-as-you-go pricing

    Only pay for the data you use, with plans starting at $0.0125 / MB and simple, zone-based international data rates.

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    Data limits and alerts

    Set custom thresholds for alerts and limits on one eSIM or across a group of eSIMs.

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    Private LTE Network

    Connect devices directly to your corporate network with Private Wireless Gateways to avoid the dangers and inefficiencies of the public internet.

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    Advanced reporting

    Export bespoke reports with in-depth usage data, network registrations, device locations, and more.


Wherever you need to go

No more managing local carriers and complex roaming agreements. Telnyx eSIMs have intelligent global roaming on Tier-1 networks.


countries with multiple carrier options

Future-proof your devices

With over-the-air updates, remote provisioning, and adaptability to evolving technologies, eSIMs ensure your devices stay future-ready.


eSIM for the lifespan of your device

Get connected without delay

No need to wait for shipping - eSIMs are delivered instantly for efficient deployment of your devices.


Time saving compared to physical SIM cards

How It Works
Purchase your eSIMs through the Mission Control Portal. eSIMs are delivered over-the-air with no minimum order quantity.
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    Understanding eUICC and eSIM

    Learn about the similarities and differences between eUICC and eSIM, and how they can benefit your IoT and mobile devices.

Data on demand

Enjoy the benefits of paying only for the data you use, avoiding any excess charges or restrictive contracts.

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per MB

An eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a digital SIM card that can be downloaded and activated on compatible devices, without the need for a physical SIM card.