Global Numbers

Search and provision local, national, and toll-free phone numbers from around the world.

Global CoverageAccess to numbers in over 60 countries gives you the option to choose the right phone number for your business needs, so you can go international.
Rate Center LookupSearch phone numbers with our prefix and rate center lookup to gain access to over 20,000 rate centers in North America.
Instant ProvisioningEmbeddable and programmatic number search lets you find, purchase and provision DIDs either from our portal or through the Telnyx API.

Find Your Number

Telnyx has plenty of numbers in inventory, available via portal or embeddable number search. Search, purchase and instantly provision numbers from across North America and 60 countries (both local and national). Because of our broad number coverage, we support advanced features like searching for consecutive numbers, numbers with repeating digits and vanity numbers.That includes toll-free numbers, too. Telnyx is a registered RespOrg through Somos and can provide a range of toll-free numbers both domestic and international. Those numbers can be enabled for voice, fax and even SMS.

Numbering Resource

We believe that we must exercise direct control over our numbering resources in order to deliver enterprise-grade service, so we’ve pursued direct numbering in the United States and abroad. Direct numbering means that we operate on the same footing as large operators.We are a licensed operator with native numbers in service, and partnerships with carriers in more than 60 countries means that you still have access to the widest selection of numbers in the world. And, because we’ve gone direct, we can work with local regulators to help you get specific or vanity numbers. We did it so you could enjoy the benefits of using an IP-enabled service provider that doesn’t rely on traditional telecom.

Automated Porting

We know, porting can be a hassle. It’s slow and requires pedantic forms and unnecessary processes. With Telnyx, we handle all that complexity for you. Just submit one request, and we finish the process programmatically through FastPort, which integrates directly with the NPAC and Tier-1 carriers.

Beyond Numbers

Seize unprecedented control of your setup and configuration in the Mission Control self-service portal.

Numbers Management and SIP Trunking

Port numbers with ease, search and instantly provision additional DIDs all from one spot, then add features like Caller ID Name with a few clicks or an API call.

Ultimate Configurability and Advanced Settings

For advanced requirements, Mission Control allows you to:
  • Edit encryption settings
  • Choose audio and video codecs
  • Manage SIP variables like headers or PRACK
  • Manage RTP settings
  • Enable T.38 FAX
  • Tag numbers for more granular reporting.

"First-class wholesale SIP provider with awesome support. Telnyx has an outstanding on-net presence, with CLEC status in most of the USA and direct PSTN access to all the major carriers. I especially like their port-in process—They don't charge a fee and their porting team is very responsive.”

Kevin McMahan
President & CEO, nexMatrix Telecom

Global Numbers Features

Advanced Search

Find the numbers you need with our prefix and rate center lookup or via location, available in the portal or API.

Number Tagging

Use number tagging functionality for advanced real-time reporting.

Automated Porting

Fastport routes porting requests automatically with full visibility.

Caller ID Data

Set the name you want displayed when you make calls and enable Caller Name display for incoming calls.


Certified outbound routing designed specifically to complete fax messages.

Emergency Services

Make sure emergency calls always include relevant location data.

Global Network

Our private fiber backbone stretches worldwide to deliver quality calls every time.

24/7 Service

Our support engineers are available around the clock for troubleshooting and support.

Ready to get started? Our engineers are standing by 24/7

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