North Dakota virtual phone numbers

Expand your reach in North Dakota without boundaries with a global virtual phone number from Telnyx. Our North Dakotan numbers are feature-packed and AI-ready.

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North Dakota phone numbers
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Feature-packed North Dakota numbers

Bring a personal touch to North Dakotan customers with a local presence. Increase engagement in North Dakota with recognizable numbers.

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    2-way SMS

    For North Dakota reach, our SMS API ensures North Dakotans get messages without delays or compliance issues.

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    Inbound calling

    Reliable inbound calling for North Dakotans—because every call to or from your North Dakota business matters.

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    Emergency calling

    E911 ensures North Dakotans can quickly reach help, with location accuracy for emergency services.

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    Fax support

    Secure, versatile faxing for North Dakotans. Send and receive faxes digitally, with full control and privacy.

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    Number portability

    Port your existing North Dakota number(s) effortlessly. Our portal guides you through each step.

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    Full PSTN replacement

    Transition to modern VoIP seamlessly with Telnyx's complete PSTN replacement in North Dakota, retaining key telephony features.

Establish presense in North Dakota

Don't stunt your growth. Meet your North Dakota customers where they are by procuring numbers seamlessly in Mission Control.


Local numbers available in North Dakota

HD Voice in North Dakota

Experience crystal-clear conversations with Telnyx HD Voice—unrivaled clarity in every call.


HD Voice-enabled numbers in North Dakota

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North Dakota number pricing

Pay only for the North Dakota numbers you need month-to-month. No contracts required.

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North Dakota quick facts

Known as the Peace Garden State, North Dakota has a population of over 700,000. The state's economy is driven by agriculture and significant oil production from the Bakken Formation. It also has a growing technology sector, particularly in unmanned aerial systems.


Local numbers for North Dakota start at just $1 and are just $1/mo thereafter.