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Contact center solutions

Agent takes call at contact center

Build delightful CX with intelligent voice

Your voice communications used to be a means to an end. Now they’re a golden opportunity for better customer experience (CX) through intelligent routing, agent coaching, live speech-to-text transcription and more. Our cutting-edge voice API makes it easy to build the contact center you need.


Enjoy flawless call quality, everywhere

Our global private network is built for real-time communications, with points of presence (PoPs) linked by a private fiber backbone, and Tier-1 carrier interconnects.


Fully-owned multi-cloud PoPs across the globe

Build an IVR your customers don’t hate

Capture touch-tone and voice inputs for smart handling and skills-based routing, or use number lookup tools to recognize and direct repeat callers.


Talk-time latency for a real-time AI voice responder

How It Works
  1. 1

    Find local numbers in our deep inventory

    Telnyx continues to expand its global PSTN replacement offering with fully-featured VoIP in 30+ countries. Use the Mission Control Portal to search and order the numbers the numbers you need. Automate the porting process with porting APIs—even with international numbers—to get started faster.

  2. 2

    Control call routing and progress via API

    Have complete control over call routing and add features like answering machine detection (AMD), on-demand recording, media playback, DTMF dial-tone input gathering and speech-to-text (STT).

  3. 3

    Monitor call stats and insights in real time

    Use built-in debugging tools to troubleshoot instantly. Monitor usage and quality for deep insights and reporting (e.g. usage reports and QoS reports).

  4. 4

    Build value-add real-time analysis features

    Get real-time REST API access to live call audio via websockets to build real-time agent assist, sentiment analysis and call insights. Connect with Google Dialogflow for advanced conversational AI based on natural language understanding.


Meet your customers where they are

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    Learn how to build a call center application using the Telnyx Voice API, TeXML and the Python AIOHTTP library.

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    Build a customer-first contact center platform

    Improve customer experience by getting customers to their destination quickly through IVR menus with guaranteed HD voice to avoid frustration.

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    Replicant builds world-first autonomous contact center

    Learn how Replicant built real-time conversational AI on Telnyx APIs and real-time low-latency call media access.

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Contact centers are where businesses can manage all customer interactions across different communications channels. This often includes call centers, web-based support tools, social media channels and customer emails.