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Call Tracking

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Modern marketing analytics should be supported by intelligent communications. Build call tracking software and marketing analytics tools with compliant, configurable calling, texting and media tools. Deliver data to attribute conversions across multiple channels and generate intelligence that maximizes conversions from each marketing channel.

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Choose from our deep inventory of global phone numbers or leverage our automated porting process.


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Build compliant, secure calling and texting everywhere on our global private network.


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Accurately attribute calls to marketing campaigns when your listed, unique phone numbers are called or texted.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Call Tracking

Call tracking is the process of determining how callers found your business. Sales and marketing teams can track calls to attribute phone calls to the specific marketing channels that led people to contact your business. By knowing what makes your phone ring, call tracking helps you measure the success of lead generation by advertising campaigns and optimize future marketing strategy.

At the basic level, it works by assigning and publishing a unique phone number for each marketing campaign in order to identify which incoming calls came from which campaign. This provides a much more accurate picture of each campaign's effectiveness, profitability, and true ROI. Once the call tracking integration is set up, lead analysis and call routing allow calls to be directed to the best agents based on factors such as lead origin–this can improve conversion rates.

Here are some questions you should ask when evaluating providers with which to build Call Tracking for your business:

  • Are they a true carrier? In an industry where call quality is everything, it’s best to choose a carrier with their own private network.
  • Can they provide the (many) numbers you’ll need? You’ll need numbers in bulk and a carrier with their own large number inventory also means fewer middlemen and markups, which is much more cost-effective as you scale.
  • Do they support real-time features? Your provider should be able to support media streaming in real time. This opens up a world of value-added features like instant call recordings, sentiment analysis and predictive models.
  • What does integration/migration look like? You’ll want access to APIs that make integrating a call tracking application easy.

Telnyx is a true carrier with our own private network and a large inventory of global, local, and toll free numbers. We also provide voice, messaging and numbering APIs that make it easy to build and customize your call tracking integrations or applications.