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Call Tracking

Attribute calls to marketing channels to manage campaign ROI and drive better conversion

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Understand what’s driving your demandAccurately attribute calls to digital, social, search and offline marketing campaigns with unique phone numbers.
Increase conversion with intelligent call routing Dynamically route calls to the best qualified and available agent based on who’s calling and what they’re responding to.
Gain actionable customer insightsCapture call recordings and metadata to analyze and improve the customer experience.

Where (Telnyx) really shines is in software and support. Their portal dashboard is leaps and bounds ahead of competitors, their APIs are sane and easy to use, and when we've had requests for additional features, they've been exceptionally quick to discuss and implement. We were able to realize savings of as much as 50%, with no impact to call quality.

Elliot W
Chief Technology Officer, CallRail
How it works

Turn calls into insights

Acquire Phone NumbersPort existing phone numbers or purchase new ones from the Mission Control portal or Numbers API. You can search for numbers within a specific country and area code.
Map Your Numbers and Run Your CampaignAllocate your phone numbers and set up counters to track the number of incoming calls. Advertise a unique number for every campaign location you want to track: ad, web page, keyword or even billboard.
Receive and Analyze CallsCustomer and agent calls appear in your CRM application, so agents have full context when speaking with customers. You can capture data about every call, generate reports to inform business decisions and record calls to use for agent coaching.
Why Telnyx?

Why choose Telnyx to support your calling solution?

Call Quality Assurance

Our purpose-built carrier platform and global coverage mean more reliable, direct call connections.

Granular Control in Real Time

Telnyx APIs enable simultaneous bidirectional data transmission for low latency and interactive control.

Deep Phone Number Inventory

Our massive, spam-free inventory gives you complete flexibility when choosing area codes and numbers.

Media Streaming

Duplicate the media stream to multiple call recipients for real-time call recording and sentiment analysis.

24/7 Support

Our engineers are available around the clock for troubleshooting and support.

Transparent, flexible pricing that scales with you.

Volume Discounts

Automatic discounts are built in so you save more as your usage increases.

Committed Use Discounts

We offer even greater discounts for committed monthly usage.

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Elastic SIP Trunking

Set up global connections in minutes through a sophisticated cloud communications platform.

Global Numbers

Search, purchase and provision numbers instantly in our cloud communications platform.

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