Use Cases

Call Tracking

Attribute calls to marketing channels to manage campaign ROI and drive better conversion.
Where (Telnyx) really shines is in software and support…We were able to realize savings of as much as 50%, with no impact to call quality.
Elliott Wood
CTO, CallRail
  • What’s driving demand?
    Accurately attribute calls to marketing campaigns with unique phone numbers.
  • Increase conversion
    Dynamically route calls to the best qualified and available agent.
  • Gain actionable insights
    Capture call recordings and data to analyze and improve the customer experience.

How it works

Turn calls into insight with call tracking

Acquire phone numbers

Port existing phone numbers or purchase new ones from the Mission Control Portal or Numbers API. You can search for numbers within a specific country and area code.

Map your numbers and run your campaign

Allocate your phone numbers and set up counters to track the number of incoming calls. Advertise a unique number for every ad campaign location you want to track: ad, web page, keyword or even billboard.

Receive and analyze calls

When a customer sees your ad and calls the number, Telnyx initiates a call between you and the customer. The Telnyx API captures data about every call, which you can use to inform marketing campaigns and combine with call recordings for agent coaching.

Questions on setup? Talk to our experts

Everything you need to build and integrate your Call Tracking application with Telnyx

  • Quickstart guides
  • Easy-to-follow tutorials
  • SDKs in your preferred language
  • API reference docs

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Choose Telnyx for our global, scalable voice API.

Choose Telnyx for our global, scalable voice API.

  • Call quality guarantee
    Our unique carrier infrastructure means more reliable, direct call connections
  • Deep number inventory
    We give you infinite choice and flexibility with phone numbers in over 60 countries
  • Granular control
    Simultaneous bidirectional data transmission for interactive command and control
  • Media streaming
    Duplicate and deliver the media stream to multiple recipients in real time
  • Unparalleled 24/7 support
    Our team of in-house engineers are available around the clock

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Questions on setup? Talk to our experts

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