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Call tracking

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Take the guesswork out of marketing campaign ROI

Modern marketing analytics should be supported by intelligent communications. Build call tracking software and marketing analytics tools with compliant configurable calling, texting and media tools. Deliver data to attribute conversions across multiple channels and generate intelligence that maximizes conversions from each marketing channel.


Migrate to a lower-cost provider in days

Enjoy lower usage and numbering prices, plus easy automated porting and migration tools.


Typical cost savings when switching to Telnyx

Own your telephony with next-gen APIs

Leverage carrier-grade porting, provisioning and monitoring tools for complete control over inbound call source tracking and on-call behavior.


Most implementable CPaaS platform, G2 Winter 2023

How It Works
  1. 1

    Purchase or port phone numbers

    Choose from our deep inventory of phone numbers or leverage our automated porting process. Telnyx porting is simple and fast.

  2. 2

    Integrate voice or SMS into your application

    Build compliant, secure calling and texting everywhere on our global private network. Rest assured your messages will get delivered.

  3. 3

    Generate real-time analytics

    Accurately attribute calls to marketing campaigns when your listed, unique phone numbers are called or texted. Create stunning dashboards with the output.

  4. 4

    Scale call tracking across the globe

    Provision or port numbers in new countries on demand via API, and apply the same inbound attribution logic to them in one click.


Gain insights in every channel

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    Follow these best practices to deliver outstanding call tracking and analytics; set your app apart from the competition.

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    Hosted messaging explained

    Turn on inbound text message tracking in days without porting your numbers from your existing provider.

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Call tracking is the process of determining how callers found your business. Sales and marketing teams can track calls to attribute phone calls to the specific marketing channels that led people to contact you. Call tracking helps you measure the success of advertising campaigns by measuring lead generation—subsequently, knowing what makes your phone ring allows your team to optimize future marketing strategies.