Programmatic Call Control

Comprehensive, granular call flow administration via API.

Carrier Control

Cut out intermediaries and interface directly with core carrier systems.

Resilient Service

Anycast IP built on our global, private network for top-tier performance.

Massive Scale

We support large deployments through automated scaling and low latency requests.

Manipulate the Call Flow

Next-generation applications that embed voice communications require highly responsive call systems and granular control over every leg of the call. Use Telnyx Call Control to:
  • Answer, transfer and end a call
  • Play recorded messages
  • Record a call
  • Gather a series of DTMF dial pad responses
  • Fork call media to multiple destinations

Top-Tier Performance and Security

The anycast architecture of Telnyx Call Control minimizes the distance requests and callbacks travel on the public internet, reducing latency and improving security. By leveraging our global, private network, the Call Control service is highly performant, and automated failovers and rerouting keeps the service up around the clock—no matter the volume.

Programmatic Media Forking

Telnyx is the first carrier to offer programmatic call forking. For any call, natively duplicate and deliver the media stream to multiple recipients via API.

Call Control API

The Telnyx Call Control API consists of commands that tell our system to begin or end certain functions and callbacks that notify your system of call changes or caller actions.Commands include:
  • Answer, transfer and hangup
  • Play audio
  • Gather DTMF
  • Record call
  • Fork call media
Callback notifications include:
  • Call initiated, answered, transferred and hung up
  • DTMF response and DTMF gather ended
  • Playback started and ended
  • Recording saved
// Gather DTMF (key presses)

curl -X POST \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --header "Accept: application/json" \
  --user API_KEY:SECRET \
  --data '{
    "audio_url": "",
    "min": 1,
    "max": 8,
    "tries": 3,
    "timeout": 10,
    "terminating_digit": "#",
    "valid_digits": "12345",
    "inter_digit_timeout": 10,
    "invalid_audio_url": ""
  }' \

Machine-Powered Conversations

Deep integration with carrier services for your application.


Unify carrier-grade voice and messaging with the Telnyx platform.

Call Center

Optimize inbound calling to each center’s exact specifications.

Attribution and Call Tracking

You bring the marketing insight. We’ll bring high-grade connectivity and control.

Social Platforms

Capture more user attention and interaction with full in-app voice and messaging.

Mobile Workforce

Notify mobile workers and connect them with their customers inside their workforce app.


Embed real-time communications technology for true team collaboration.

Call Control Features

Anycast Architecture

Distributed infrastructure with a single point of contact.

Play Audio

Present callers with recorded menus or automated messages.

Gather DTMF

Collect a series of dial pad responses with only one command.

Call Recording

Avoid liability and keep records of important conversations.

Call Media Forking

Fork call media to multiple locations for transcription, analysis and more.

Virtual Cross Connect

Connect cloud systems directly to our communication backbone.

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