Call Control
Connect and control your calls globally with custom calling experiences.
Build call flows that are as sophisticated and responsive as you need them to be.
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A smarter way to control and route your calls

Play Audio

Play pre-recorded prompts, advertising or hold music.

Conference Calls

Connect people and teams wherever they are in the world.

Media Streaming

Duplicate and deliver the media stream to multiple recipients.


Speak dynamic text in 28 accents across various languages.

Gather Inputs

Collect input from your caller’s keypad or voice to manage the call flow.

Dynamic Caller ID

Improve call connect rates by displaying a custom caller ID.

Voicemail Detection

Automatically detect if a call went to voicemail.

Call Recordinng

Dual-channel recording - store and retrieve calls as needed.

The programmable voice API that puts developers in control

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Use Cases

What can you build with Telnyx?

  • Call Tracking

    Attribute calls to marketing channels to manage campaign ROI

  • Cloud IVR

    Build a scalable IVR for a better customer experience and lower operational costs

  • UCaaS

    Make, receive, route, manage, record and conference calls, all in one place

  • Contact Center

    Automate and optimize call flows to better manage customer conversations

Choose Telnyx for our global, scalable voice API.

  • Call quality guaranteed
    Our purpose-built global IP network means greater reliability and security with lower latency.
  • Deep number inventory
    We give you infinite choice and flexibility with phone numbers in over 60 countries.
  • Granular control in real time
    Simultaneous bidirectional data transmission for real-time interactive command and control.
  • Media forking
    Duplicate and deliver the media stream to multiple recipients in real time.
  • Unparalleled 24/7 support
    Our team of in-house engineers are available around the clock.

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