Use Cases

Cloud IVR

Build a scalable cloud IVR system that delights your customers

Decrease operational inefficiencies and improve customer satisfaction by connecting callers to the information they need, quickly. Our private IP network was built for real-time communications and ensures industry-low latency.

Acquire phone numbers

Port existing your numbers or purchase new ones from the Mission Control Portal or with our Numbers API. Search for numbers by region or area code.

Configure your IVR menu

Configure your IVR to suit your needs by building logic into your contact center application. You can route and record calls, play hold music and audio menus, capture keypad or voice inputs, and use text-to-speech.

Receive and route calls

When your application receives calls, it will send commands to the Telnyx Voice API according to your logic, and your IVR menu will be executed in real time.

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Questions on setup? Talk to our experts

Frequently asked questions about Cloud IVR

IVR stands for interactive voice response and refers to an automated phone system where users can interact with a pre-recorded menu through DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) or voice. IVR menus help companies to understand what a user is looking for before connecting the user to a live agent. It then routes the call to the appropriate agent or resources, according to pre-determined logic.

Businesses that receive a high number of inbound calls can use IVR menus to effectively manage agent resources while continuing to provide good customer experience. In addition, businesses that make outbound calls can also benefit from IVR menus through the use of answering machine detection (AMD). AMD ensures that the outbound call is answered by a human, before connecting to a live agent to maximize opertaional efficiency.

There are a number of out of the box IVR solutions. But if you want complete control over your call routing, numbers, call quality and troubleshooting then you should consider building your own IVR application. Telnyx users can start building IVR menus using our APIs and following our guides and tutorials.