Use Case

Cloud IVR

Man speaks to IVR

Build a scalable, intelligent cloud IVR system

Most systems for building Cloud IVR give you control over call flows, but not the end-to-end telephony that underpins these systems. This makes it difficult and expensive to customize and expand, limiting how organizations can adapt to changing customer needs and demands. The Telnyx Mission Control Portal and APIs can directly control everything from number provisioning to in-depth call routing to advanced on-call experiences with recording, audio, DTMF and more. And, because everything runs on our global private telephony network, you'll never have to worry about audio quality or availability.


Configure call-tree menus in depth

Intuitive XML-based scripting or responsive REST API commands give real-time control over call flows with a granularity and speed.


Typical response times from user input to IVR response.

Leverage a CPaaS toolbox for rich CX

Integrate SMS messaging for callback queues and live on-call information collection, plus number lookup tools for advanced routing without customer input.


Rated CPaaS platform for Best Results, G2 Winter 2023

How It Works
  1. 1

    Acquire or port phone numbers

    Port existing phone numbers or purchase new ones from the Mission Control Portal or Numbers API. You can search for numbers within a specific country and area code.

  2. 2

    Configure your custom IVR menu

    Configure your IVR to suit your needs in the language of your choice using our SDKs, or in simple XML. You can build live on-call logic to route and record calls, play hold music and audio menus, capture keypad or voice inputs, and use text-to-speech or speech-to-text transcription.

  3. 3

    Receive and intelligently route calls

    When your application receives calls, it will send commands to the Telnyx Call Control system according to your logic, and your IVR menu will be executed in real time.

  4. 4

    Scale cloud IVR globally with ease

    Write your IVR logic once and scale it across the globe. Our global number provisioning and porting options, and deep expertise in local telephony regulations mean you can deploy inbound call logic in new countries with confidence.


Flexible cloud IVR you can rely on

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    Everything needed to build a cloud-based IVR with Telnyx

    Quickstart guides, easy-to-follow tutorials, SDKs in your preferred language, API reference docs

  • Icon Resources Webinar Recording

    Build an IVR with the Telnyx Voice API

    Watch our on-demand webinar and learn how to build a phone tree menu with text-to-speech and custom audio.

  • Icon Resources Docs

    Build a cloud IVR in Python

    Leverage the intuitive Telnyx Python SDK to build an advanced real-time phone tree system.

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IVR stands for interactive voice response and refers to an automated phone system where users can interact with a pre-recorded menu through DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) or voice. IVR menus help companies to understand what a user is looking for before connecting the user to a live agent. It then routes the call to the appropriate agent or resources, according to predetermined logic.