SIP Trunking For Video Conferencing That Meets COVID-19 Demand
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SIP Trunking For Video Conferencing That Meets COVID-19 Demand

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked an unprecedented worldwide remote work experiment. In these extraordinary times, video conferencing has become central to the operations of millions of companies around the world.
As more and more companies are taking their operations remote, popular conferencing services are under unprecedented strain. Some have suffered partial outages due to this increased demand.
If you’re a video conferencing provider, you’re undoubtedly aware of the importance of having a reliable SIP trunking provider to enhance your conferences with VoIP dial-in and dial-out. In this rapidly-changing world, reliable global telephony isn’t just important to your customers – it’s critical to their business continuity.

Your SIP trunking provider can make or break your business continuity

It can be difficult to keep track of offerings from competing VoIP providers, so we’ve compiled a list of the most important SIP trunking features for VoIP-enabled conferencing:

1. Unmatched Reliability

Your customers can’t afford downtime, and neither can you. You should closely examine the network structure and uptime guarantees of your provider to ensure outages are kept to an absolute minimum.
At Telnyx, we built a global IP network on the principles of diversity, redundancy and resiliency, with multi-cloud points of presence. That’s why we guarantee 99.999% uptime to all of our customers.

2. Always-on Support

Your customer’s issues shouldn’t have to wait until Monday. Choose a provider that doesn’t restrict service hours, or put enhanced technical support behind a paywall.
Telnyx offers 24/7/365 support based out of our network operations centers in Chicago and Dublin, for every single one of our customers. No matter when you need to upgrade or fix something, our engineers are on-hand to help by chat, email or phone.

3. The Gold Standard in Call Quality

When audio is unclear, miscommunications happen. Ensure your customers have the highest-fidelity experience possible by choosing a carrier with a purpose-built network and high-quality media streaming.
The Telnyx network is interconnected by a global, private fiber backbone, so your communications don’t endure multiple hops across the public internet. This minimizes latency, packet loss and jitter, and allows us to flawlessly stream media.
Some providers boast of media streaming using the G711 codec, with quality matched to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Telnyx streams by default using the G722 codec, providing better-than-PSTN voice quality using the exact same bandwidth.

4. APIs Trusted by Developers

In a fast-moving world, you need an agile, software-driven partner to provide the tools for your continued success. Unfortunately, today’s voice API market is full of trade-offs between the developer experience of smaller API shops and the network reliability of legacy telcos.
Telnyx gives you the best of both worlds. Not only does our Call Control API put you in complete control of your conferencing architecture, it’s built on our bespoke private IP network. What’s more -- we have an active developer community, so we can build new features in response to customer requests in a matter of days, not months.

5. Licensed Carrier Privilege

Your customers need to communicate frictionlessly across the globe, so your telephony can’t afford to be a limiting factor. Ensure your provider is truly global, allowing access to local numbers and telephony assets.
Not only is Telnyx a licensed carrier, allowing us to work with local carriers and regulators all over the world, we also have a deep number inventory in over 60 countries and counting. Let us help you cut through the web of regulations, carrier agreements and routing considerations to deploy a truly global solution with ease.

6. Truly Elastic Scalability

The scramble to switch to remote work prompted large video conferencing firms to rapidly scale up their operations, adding infrastructure and networking capacity to handle a surge of new users. Not all VoIP providers are capable of such rapid expansion, so it’s critical to examine your provider’s scalability.
With Telnyx, your voice capacity scales on-demand. You can instantly provision new voice capacity through our self-service Mission Control Portal, allowing you to expand your voice communications independently. You can also instantly provision numbers through our portal or via API, giving you true local presence, all over the world.

7. Peace-of-mind Security

Rapid scaling can sometimes expose gaps in your provider’s security policies. Ensure your conferencing stays secure with the help of a provider built for security from the ground up.
Our private IP network steers your traffic away from the insecure public internet, and offers additional layers of security such as TLS for your SIP signaling, and SRTP/ZRTP for media streaming. We’ve also built sophisticated anti-fraud measures which monitor your traffic in real-time for suspicious activity, and automatically shuts down fraudulent traffic.

Telnyx ensures conferencing scales without a hitch

In light of recent developments, there has never been a better time for conferencing providers to re-evaluate their SIP trunking needs. With Telnyx Elastic SIP Trunking, your communications can scale more securely, reliably and easily than ever before.
If you’re curious about how Telnyx can leverage its unique global network, 24/7 product support and unrivaled call quality to transform your conferencing, get in touch with our team today.
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