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The past year has been tough on everyone, especially for small businesses. At Telnyx, we want to give you one less thing to worry about- your telephony system. Recently, we sat down with Willie Howe, an avid YouTuber, and business owner. Willie runs his own technology company that helps businesses implement cloud technology solutions—all while maintaining a low cost and high degree of support.

Willie consistently chooses Telnyx for his customers. Why? It comes down to three things: product, price, and support.

The benefits of a private network

Most of his clients utilize Telnyx SIP Trunking for their voice needs. As a certified Grandstream expert, Willie works with his clients to configure Telnyx with Grandstream PBX’s. The end result is a product that “just works”. At Telnyx, we built a private, global network from the ground up to ensure our customers don’t have to worry about whether a call is going to go through or if the connection is going to break up.

Telnyx’s multi-cloud approach means that even if there’s a large outage, our network never goes down. In a world where many telephony providers rely on one cloud provider, we decided to build redundancy into our network so our customers don’t have to worry about being taken offline. The effect of our efforts can be seen when new customers come onto the platform and stay here.

In our chat with Willie, he also emphasized how easy the Telnyx Mission Control Portal is to use. After working with a couple of providers that had great tech but poor interfaces, this became a differentiator for Willie. From the portal, Telnyx customers are empowered to take control of their own communications. This allows users to scale up and down connections, search, provision and port numbers, and set-up outbound voice profiles. The user-friendly interface means that our portal is accessible to everyone, no matter your level of technical proficiency.

A great product, at a great price

After two years of championing Telnyx with his customers, Willie and his colleagues don’t recommend any other VoIP provider to their clients. Aside from a great product and user-friendly interface, Willie also finds Telnyx’s competitive rates unbeatable in today’s marketplace.

When Willie brings a new customer on board, he convinces them to try Telnyx based on the competitive rates. He produces an ROI statement for each customer before they sign on, outlining the potential cost-savings by simply switching VoIP providers. They have seen cases where customers end up saving 98% of their original telephony bill by switching to Telnyx. When customers see that this magnitude of saving is possible, they are eager to try out the platform. At Telnyx we know that every cent counts when you’re running a small business, that’s why we’re committed to being unbeatable on price.

Support you can rely on

While we recognize the importance of product and price, we also know that we would be nowhere if we didn’t offer our customers great support. This is something that is echoed by Willie and his team. “The direct to carrier business model makes things easier and resolutions to issues are made faster.”

No matter how proficient you are, there’ll always be a couple of snags here and there that can make setups unnecessarily slow. To ensure these bumps in the road don’t slow you down, Telnyx has a dedicated support team that operates 24/7/365, at no cost to our customers.

Throughout our conversation with Willie, we realized that our core values of network, price, and support are the most important things to our customers and differentiate Telnyx from other telephony providers. At Telnyx, we’re committed to continuing to improve our product offering, API documentation, and technical support so small businesses, like Willie’s, have access to a telephony product that they can depend on, every time.

If you’re interested in learning more about our SIP Trunking product take a look at our product and pricing pages or get in touch with a member of our team.


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