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Better, more efficient managed service experiences

For managed service providers and resellers, onboarding new customers is often an unwieldy and complex process that costs time and risks customer frustration. With Telnyx’s award-winning Voice, Messaging, Fax and Storage APIs, building has never been easier.


Save time on number porting

Telnyx Mission Control Portal customers report significant time reductions in porting numbers and other common telco tasks.


Average reduction in number porting times

Optimize messaging costs and performance

At Telnyx, savings come from optimizing your setup, so we’ll help you cut costs without cutting corners.


Average savings on messaging costs

Resell service suites from one vendor

With value-add Telnyx APIs for fax and cloud object storage, you can offer your customers more without complicating your vendor stack.


Average cost savings per GB of storage with Telnyx

How It Works
  1. 1

    Provision new phone numbers for your UCaaS platform

    Get Telnyx phone numbers from the Mission Control Portal or Numbers API to set up your VOIP service(s) and phone system. Choose from long code, short code, toll-free numbers or international numbers that are instantly provisioned to you.

  2. 2

    Automated porting of numbers for telephony management systems

    Port in your existing phone numbers to the Telnyx network to leverage the benefits of our cloud-services based infrastructure. FastPort® automates many internal and external processes to ensure a hassle-free experience to setting up your network services.

  3. 3

    Scale your business on demand

    Easily manage thousands of messages and calls per day with our robust, enterprise-grade infrastructure. Our private network and highly optimized messaging configuration means you can go from small to massive with minimal hassle—all through one API.

  4. 4

    Resell value-add services and increase revenues

    Open new revenue streams by offering more services to your customers, or migrate existing services to Telnyx for easier vendor management. Send, receive and manage faxes via our robust Fax API. And, scale disaster recovery and backup and restore services across your client base with Telnyx Storage.


Flexible APIs over a private IP network

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    Managed accounts portal guide

    Set up managed accounts for managed services providers via Telnyx all via Mission Control

  • Icon Resources Docs

    Mission Control Portal setup

    Set up a phone number that is SMS-capable with this Telnyx Mission Control guide.

  • Icon Resources Coding Tutorial

    Send a fax via API

    Get set up to send, receive and manage faxes in minutes—without needing legacy technology like fax machines.

Ready to build something incredible?

Managed VOIP is a managed-services or re-sold application of Voice Over Internet Protocol (also known as Voice Over IP or simply "VoIP"). VoIP is a protocol that enables phone calls to be made and received over the internet with lower cost and greater flexibility, compared to traditional copper-wire telephone lines. Many small and medium businesses choose managed VoIP for hands-off management of their phone systems, and many managed IT service providers resell managed VoIP by purchasing telephony services from a numbering and SIP trunking provider.