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Telnyx named Cloud Communications Platform Leader

Read our in-depth comparison guide to learn what hundreds of verified user reviews on G2 say about Telnyx and our competitors.

By Odhran Reidy

G2 names Telnyx as top Cloud Communications Platform

Telnyx named Cloud Communications Platform Leader in the 2022 G2 Grid Report

The results are in. Crowd-sourced review platform G2 Crowd rate Telnyx as a Leader in the Cloud Communication Platform category, above Twilio, Bandwidth, and Plivo.

G2 independently collates reviews from real-life customers and verified users of business software and services. In G2's latest Winter 2022 report, 1000+ reviews were analyzed to find out who leads the pack in:

  • Implementability
  • Customer Relationship
  • Customer Results
  • Usability
  • Quality of Support
  • ... and much more!

We've taken a deep-dive into G2's reports and summarized everything to show you how Telnyx stacks up to the competition in cloud communication platforms. Simply fill out the form to get access to our in-depth report and analysis.

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Telnyx named Cloud Communications Platform Leader

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