VoIP for small business

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Future-proof your communications with VoIP

Switching to VoIP may not be your highest priority as a small business, but VoIP has many benefits over traditional calling solutions. VoIP solutions are often more reliable than traditional phone lines–with fewer disruptions or failures than traditional phone lines. Businesses can also realize cost savings when switching to VoIP—multiple calls can be made simultaneously over the same connection and usage-based billing can help to keep costs down. Incorporating advanced features—like call forwarding, automated attendants and voicemail—can help to improve customer service, increasing engagement and retention.


Reduce your telephony bills

VoIP solutions don’t require physical infrastructure running to your premises so you can save on hardware setup and maintenance costs.


Cost savings vs traditional telephony providers

Get expert service and support

Our award-winning support teams have direct troubleshooting access to our private IP network and in-depth knowledge telephony platform for faster resolutions.


Ease of setup as rated by G2

How it works
  1. 1

    Get started with Telnyx VoIP

    Get familiar with Telnyx by signing up for a Mission Control Portal account. We’ve made our portal intuitive so setting up new SIP trunks takes just a few minutes.

  2. 2

    Port your business phone numbers

    Port your phone numbers through the portal or via API. FastPort takes the hassle out of number porting and gives you complete transparency.

  3. 3

    Connect all of your SIP trunks

    Assign numbers and outbound voice profiles to your SIP trunks. Choose your AnchorSite and adjust your settings for ultimate control of your communications.

  4. 4

    Start talking with customers

    Enjoy increased reliability, a better customer experience and cost savings when you have your VoIP environment up and running.


All you need to get started with VoIP

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Ready to make the switch to VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows users to make and receive calls over the internet.