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The Best VoIP Solution for Small Business

Find out what makes Telnyx the best VoIP provider, and find the perfect plan for your small business.

Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses

Better Call Quality

By avoiding the public internet, your calls instantly connect faster and are crystal clear.

Scale on Demand

Scale your business with instant local, national, international, and toll-free numbers.

Cost Savings

Say bye to expensive phone plans, enjoy affordable pricing our competitors can’t beat.

Intelligent Routing

Multi-level smart IVR increases operational efficiency and reduces overhead.

VoIP vs. Landline for Small Business



Eliminate Hardware

VoIP eliminates the need for expensive hardware, technical support, and maintenance.

Requires Expensive Hardware

Still relies on expensive, outdated hardware which requires specially trained technicians.

Pay as You Use

Pay for what you need, and avoid getting locked into long-term contracts.

Long Term Contracts

Requires long-term contracts that could have you paying extra in early termination fees.

Quick Setup

Easier setup means you can get your small business up and running quickly and efficiently.

Complex and Expensive Setup

Extra fees and a complex landline setup can prove to be a hassle and hold your business back.

Connect from Anywhere

With VoIP, you can connect with your customers from anywhere with just an internet connection.

Fixed Location

Landlines are fixed to the building and phone they are connected to, making remote work difficult.

Wide Range of Features

Improved functionality gives you access to call tracking, custom routing, recordings, and more.

Outdated Functionality

Functionality is outdated, and leaves you with only the most basic of features like voicemail.

Enable Video Calling

Take your small business communications to the next level with video calling options.

Limited to Voice

Only means of communication is with traditional voice calls.

Designing communication solutions for small businesses.
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  • Telnyx's 24/7/365 support means that customers are never left waiting until Monday morning for assistance.

    “The direct to carrier business model makes things easier and resolutions to issues are made faster.”

How VoIP for Small Business Works

Carry out a hardware audit

Ensure your current phone system is compatible with VoIP technology.

Check your network bandwidth

VoIP requires various bandwidths depending on the number of connections.

Investigate potential partners

Trial a number of providers before choosing the right one. G2 is a great place to start.

Arrange number porting

Choose a provider that offers automated porting to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

VoIP Business Plans

See why our award winning voice API is the perfect fit for small businesses.
  • Private Network
    Thanks to our private global IP network, your calls will come in securely, and crystal clear with low latency.
  • Direct to Carrier
    We fully own and control our infrastructure which helps our customers save big, and makes it impossible for our competitors to compete.
  • Powerful Features
    With Telnyx you’ll enjoy smart IVR, answering machine detection, call recording, and so much more.

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"Their price is amazing and any issues we have are resolved very quickly."
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