New SIP Region for Canada
Feature Release - 1.8.2020 - 3 min read

New SIP Region for Canada

New SIP Region for Canada

Great news — we’ve just expanded support for SIP signaling to even more global destinations. Besides the existing SIP regions in the US, Europe and Australia, we have now added Canada with this latest release.
It’s now possible to keep both your call media and signaling all within Canada, reducing latency and directing all media and traffic over our private IP-network.
This means that customers using SIP devices will now be able to route all SIP signaling messages (making calls, receiving calls, registrations, etc.) through any of the following regional SIP proxy instances: - - - -

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced Latency: Routing your SIP signaling through your closest region reduces the time packets spend traversing the network. This reduces delays, ensures faster call establishment and improves deliverability.
  • Transport Protocol Support: We’ve also extended our full support for UDP, TCP and TLS to each of these new locations so you can keep using your existing signaling protocol.

How to get started

To route SIP signaling through Canada, simply point your SIP devices to for outbound calls, or select Canada as your SIP region on the Inbound section of the Connections page in the Mission Control Portal.
Test your setup by making a phone call to the number or SIP URI assigned to the Connection. Your SIP device will receive the inbound call from the SIP regional proxy that you registered against.
That’s it — You’ve now learned how to control your SIP signaling path. For full instructions on setting up signaling addresses for sending and receiving calls, check out our full guide here.
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