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Portal Feature: CDR Reporting

Simple and intuitive, this tool will allow you to track up-to-the-minute call detail records.

Michael Bratschi
Sound business decisions are made when your data is up-to-date, which is why we launched our Real-Time CDR Reporting feature in our Mission Control Portal. Simple and intuitive, this tool will allow you to track up-to-the-minute call detail records to give you a better understanding of your voice services, who you’re calling and who’s calling you back, among other information. Curious to see how your CDR Report looks?  

Here’s a quick CDR Reporting step-by-step:

  • Start by clicking on Reporting in the navigation menu in Mission Control. That should take you to the CDR Requests tab.
  • Choose whether you'd like a report on calls or SMS messages.
  • Choose a date range to pull the information from by inputting the Start Time and End Time. Do note that the range must be less than or equal to 31 days.
  • You can filter your report by choosing the connection you want the data for under the Connections dropdown. You can also filter by Record Type—Completed, Incomplete or Errors—and Call Type—Inbound or Outbound. Leave the fields blank to pull all data.
  • Additional filtering under the Filters header can be added to your report. Choose Tags to use any existing tags you’ve created, CLI (from number) and/or CLD (to number).
  • Click on Request CDR Report, and voila!
Your report will be ready for download shortly—just click on the Download Report link in the Download column at the bottom of the page once it’s finished generating (you can also generate and download CDRs via our API). The CDR report will be in a CSV file, and your spreadsheet will include information like Originating and Terminating numbers, Start time, Answer time and End time, as well as Call duration, Rate and Cost, among many others.
Got a question about your CDR report? We’re here to help! Our support team is available to chat 24/7 in our Mission Control Portal.
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