Release notes

  • 16, Nov 2023

    Introducing noise suppression for Voice API and TeXML

    Significantly mitigate background noise, ensuring your calls are crystal clear with Telnyx's release of noise suppression.

  • 14, Nov 2023

    International MMS to SMS conversion & MMS Quality Compression Now Available

  • 13, Nov 2023

    Telnyx adds PSTN Replacement in Croatia

    With this latest launch, Telnyx now supports full PSTN replacement in 38 countries.

  • 10, Nov 2023

    Operator Connect Now Available in Brazil & Mexico

  • 6, Nov 2023

    FastPort now available for Canadian ports

    FastPort, Telnyx's on-demand activation service to port all your numbers, is now available for local Canadian ports.

  • 1, Nov 2023

    10DLC Ease of Use Updates

  • 31, Oct 2023

    Telnyx adds new regional endpoints to Cloud Storage product

    Choose where to store your data with new regional endpoints across the United States.

  • 16, Oct 2023

    Telnyx migrates Cloud Storage services to new backend infrastructure

    In order to build a more stable and scalable Cloud Storage API offering, we have re-architected our storage backend.

  • 16, Oct 2023

    Introducing Global Channel Billing for expanded availability in managing inbound channels across multiple regions

    Global Channel Billing is a feature that allows customers to manage inbound channels in multiple regions.

  • 15, Oct 2023

    Experience true HD Voice with Telnyx

    Enhance audio quality on your PSTN calls with HD Voice from Telnyx.

  • 8, Oct 2023

    Telnyx updates Cloud Storage endpoint

    Cloud Storage users will need to migrate services to a regional endpoint

  • 4, Oct 2023

    Telnyx maintains ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification and secures ISO/IEC 27701:2019 certification

    Telnyx Successfully Passes 1st Surveillance Audit for ISO/IEC 27001 and Earns Initial ISO/IEC 27701 Certification.