Telnyx launches wireless local breakout in Germany for higher quality IoT connectivity

15, Feb 2024

Telnyx is excited to announce new local IPX and packet gateways in Germany, significantly enhancing data service quality for our European customers. This addition works alongside our existing core in the United States, to deliver:

  • Reduced latency: Over 100ms faster connectivity for devices using Telnyx SIMs in Europe, improving performance for IoT and other data-intensive applications.
  • Automatic path selection: Devices using Telnyx SIMs now benefit from two potential paths for data connectivity - our original core in the United States and the new core in Germany. This redundancy enhances reliability and service quality, automatically routing data through the shortest network path for optimum performance.

This strategic expansion ensures superior, low-latency internet access directly from Telnyx SIMs, offering a significant upgrade in data connectivity and quality for European users.

There is no action required from customers - devices automatically connect via the shortest network path, either Germany or the United States.

Team Telnyx