Building Private IP Network SIP Trunks For Scalability
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Building Private IP Network SIP Trunks For Scalability

The world is changing at a break-neck pace. Working from home has gone from a temporary novelty to the new normal. Communication is more important than ever, but the public internet is being put under unprecedented strain by streaming apps and video conferencing services. The surge in traffic from these services is causing experts to express concerns over the internet's continued reliability.
In uncertain times, you shouldn’t need to worry about your essential business communications, or those of your customers. That’s why it’s important to build your communications on reliable, private infrastructure which does not rely on the public internet. More importantly, you should be able to take full advantage of this infrastructure quickly and efficiently in a self-service manner.
With Telnyx, you can instantly scale elastic voice capacity through our intuitive Mission Control Portal in just a few clicks. This allows you to access our global, private IP network, ensuring your communications are not jockeying for position on the public internet with traffic from other communications providers, video conferencing apps, or even streaming services.
We’ve broken down the difference between our network and the public internet as it applies to SIP trunking services for contact centers and managed VoIP service providers:

Contact centers: add capacity in a few clicks

Contact centers are one of the most profoundly affected verticals of the COVID-19 outbreak. Airlines and financial institutions are reporting record wait times on their support lines, and purpose-built coronavirus hotlines are being swamped with huge numbers of inbound calls as anxious customers pick up the phone in search of trustworthy, up-to-date information. Social distancing policies are exacerbating these capacity issues, as both managed contact center providers and in-house customer service departments are forced to transition to remote work themselves.
Elastic SIP trunking helps to alleviate these issues by providing instant provisioning of inbound voice channels, or metered connections with virtually unlimited call-per-second capacity, all easily interoperable with softphone services ideally-suited to remote working. This connectivity can be set up in minutes via the Mission Control Portal, and provides access to the Telnyx network – a global, purpose-built fiber backbone designed for real-time communications, unlike the public internet.

Managed service providers: maintain uptime (and trust)

MSPs providing VoIP services to any business, regardless of industry, have had to help clients through a swathe of security, IT and network issues as they transition to remote working. Given that the MSPs themselves cannot send staff on-site to clients to help in troubleshooting issues, they often take far longer to resolve. In this chaotic time, minimizing complications due to network downtime and voice communications latency is a critical step in delivering managed service solutions to spec and on time.
By running VoIP services on our private IP network, MSPs can access ten multi-cloud points of presence across four continents, interconnected by a private fiber backbone. Keeping communications away from the public internet minimizes audio latency, so calls are crystal clear every time. Our network is built on the principles of diversity, redundancy, and resiliency, which is why we guarantee 99.999% uptime and have engineers on call around the world 24/7 to assist with any troubleshooting. This allows MSPs to protect their clients’ business continuity as well as their own.

If you’re a managed service VoIP provider, or if your services involve contact centers, talk to our experts to find out how Telnyx can meet your needs in these uncertain times.
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