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Customer engagement platform

Family gets engaged by calls and texts

All your communications needs. One global provider.

As a modern customer engagement platform, you need to empower your clients to meet their customers where they are—across channels and geographies. With industry-leading APIs in voice, SMS and MMS messaging, video and more, Telnyx offers a one-stop shop for customer engagement platforms to level up their communications infrastructure. And, our team of industry experts will help you deploy all of your channels successfully, navigating complex regulations, industry trends and technical best practices so your clients can engage their customers with ease.


We're your carrier operations team

Give your clients voice and messaging across the globe, without ever worrying about the telco world. Our telephony engineers and regulatory experts have you covered.


Countries with multi-type phone numbers available

Purpose-built to support your growth

Scale with elastic capacity on a global IP network, with multi-cloud PoPs and a private fiber backbone.


Multi-cloud network points of presence across the globe

A partner, not a competitor

Other CPaaS providers are building their own customer engagement apps. We're focused on building the world's connectivity layer, not on competing with your product.


Major markets where Telnyx is a licensed carrier

Best-in-class service & support

Our teams have direct troubleshooting access to our fully-owned global infrastructure, so you get faster resolutions and better support.


Rated CPaaS platform for customer results, G2 Winter 2023

How It Works
  1. 1

    Define needs across voice, messaging and video channels

    Our experts can evaluate your specific needs and requirements and provide recommendations on number types, technology best practices and regulatory concerns.

  2. 2

    Plan and execute a seamless migration

    Our award-winning automated number porting tools let you port numbers in days—not weeks—with full visibility every step of the way. Pair that with a range of migration tools, APIs and expert support engineers, and you can migrate with ease.

  3. 3

    Build new voice, messaging and video capabilities

    Build on comprehensive, well-documented APIs with in-depth code examples, SDKs in your favorite languages and step-by-step tutorials. And, work directly with expert solutions engineers to plan proof-of-concept apps and integration plans.

  4. 4

    Scale your customer engagement applications globally

    Plug and play your number setups, application code and results from one country to another, thanks to our global number inventory and local telephony expertise.


CPaaS products backed by private network infrastructure

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    Get started with SIP trunking

    Follow our video tutorial to get up and running with phone calls in minutes—all within the Mission Control Portal.

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    Join Telnyx developers on Slack

    Our dedicated community of 1200+ developers are helping each other—and interacting with our engineering teams—every day.

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    3 customer engagement tools you need on your platform

    Elevate your customer engagement platform with these three engagement tools.

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A customer engagement platform is a type of software that allows businesses to communicate and engage with their customers in a personalized and interactive way. This can include features such as phone calling, SMS and MMS messaging and live video interactions. Customer engagement platforms can span other channels like live chat and social media engagement, but many leverage telephony infrastructure for higher engagement.