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Meet Rich Communication Services: the next generation of mobile messaging

Data and feature rich communications to deliver app-like experiences within a single channel.

What's possible with RCS?

RCS is a messaging protocol provided to mobile phone users through mobile operator networks. Through a rich feature set that includes verified messaging, multimedia support, reply suggestions and more—RCS brings engaging, app-like messaging experiences to texting.

RCS benefits business

Many businesses are recognizing the value of RCS as an effective touch point to engage in two way communication with customers. With RCS you can easily increase brand awareness and provide contextual communication with every customer interaction.

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  • Branded messaging

    Personalize logos, screen colors, and sender name in messages to strengthen brand awareness. With RCS, it’s easy to integrate branding in every touch point.
  • Analytics

    Client based DLRs, read and receive receipts with time stamps and click-through rates give detailed insight into how customers interact with your messages.
  • Verified sender IDs

    Build credibility with your customers by sending messages with a verified sender badge alongside the business name and logo.
  • Easily integrate apps

    Link messages to calendars, maps, and embed data like phone numbers, event details, wallet and ticketing information.
  • Suggested replies

    Customize suggested replies, actions, and follow ups to provide tailored information to customers and power contextual communications.
  • High resolution media

    RCS supports gifs, videos, QR codes, rich card carousels and link previews in messages to create intuitive messaging experiences.
use cases

What will you build with RCS?

  • Customer service

    Deliver personalized engagement based on user profiles, and allow order modifications or refunds within the messaging app.

  • Home delivery processes

    Streamline home deliveries with product review displays, or linking maps in-message for realtime tracking.

  • Two factor authentication

    Add RCS to your two factor authentication capabilities to provide an extra layer of security-allowing users verify their accounts through rich, interactive messages.

  • Ticketing

    Send flight reminders, boarding passes, or give customers the option to contact the airline or confirm the flight, all in one place.

Choose Telnyx to power your RCS communication.

If your users’ carrier or device doesn’t support RCS, messages will automatically be reverted and sent as an SMS so deliverability isn’t impacted.

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RCS Frequently Asked Questions

RCS messaging is a communication protocol between mobile telephone carriers and between phone and carrier, aiming at replacing SMS messages with a text-message system that is richer, provides phonebook polling (for service discovery), and can transmit in-call multimedia.
RCS is the next generation of business messaging, bringing some of the features, and visually rich experience that applications like Whatsapp, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger offer today - like high-resolution media and branded messages.
RCS supports the concept of Verified Sender), which confirms that messages are really coming from who they say they are. This provides peace of mind for end-users. Secondly, RCS messages are encrypted, adding a level of security that SMS currently can’t offer.
According to the GSMA, RCS has 473m active users and a predicted value of $74b by 2021.

Some of the most popular use cases for RCS include:

  • Ticketing - flight reminders, boarding passes, or customer support.
  • Home delivery notifications - product reviews and real-time tracking.
  • Customer service - personalized customer engagement.
The big difference for RCS is that when natively integrated into the mobile phone or via a downloadable app, no intervention is needed by the end-user - it’s just there.
To get started with RCS messaging using Telnyx, simply sign up for our beta program here.

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