Connect Telnyx to the tools you're already using

Seamlessly integrate cloud connectivity with your business applications.
Questions about an integration? Talk to our experts
Connect Telnyx to the tools you're already using
Questions about an integration? Talk to our experts

Amplify your communications and create immersive experiences by integrating Telnyx

  • Improved Quality

    Integrating with Telnyx means you have access to a global Tier 1 network on your communications platform, for crystal clear calls every time.
  • More Control

    Adding a Telnyx integration to your software gives your business greater control over dialing plans and phone numbers, and allows you to maintain existing SIP trunks.
  • Lower Costs

    Companies usually see a 40% decrease in costs by integrating Telnyx as their Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) vendor.
  • Scale Faster

    Telnyx has Tier 1 interconnects with partners across the globe allowing you to expand your global footprint, without compromising your communications.

How to get started with a Telnyx Integration

asset microsoft-teams 1 set-up-account

Set up your Telnyx Portal account

Sign up to Mission Control and get started with our preferred integrations (no credit card required).
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Find Your Software Integration

You can view our current list of integrations by visiting our Integration Marketplace.
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Follow the Integration setup instructions

Easy to follow integration instructions can be found on the listing pages of our Marketplace portal.
asset microsoft-teams 4 test-call

Make a test communication using Telnyx

Once you have set up your connections, try them out by making a couple of test calls or sending a few messages.

See the Telnyx Difference

  • A Network for your Real-time Communications

    Amplify your communications with the purpose-built IP network. Our built-in redundancy in a globally deployed infrastructure ensures the lowest latency and best call quality.

  • Communications with Control and Support

    As a true carrier we don’t rely on middlemen to provide core communications functionality and routing. Gain complete control over call routing with free 24/7 support.

  • Unparalleled Reliability

    When cloud providers go down, we stay up. Our redundant multi-cloud architecture and automatic call recovery stop your calls from dropping.