Insights and Resources • PUBLISHED 11/25/2020

Why Telnyx Is Unaffected by the AWS Outage

When it comes to cloud service providers, three is always better than one.

Product Marketing Manager, Telnyx

By Risa Takenaka

Other CPaaS providers rely on a single cloud provider, Telnyx connects with all major CSPs.

Having issues connecting your Roomba this morning? Maybe your Roku account is giving you a hard time? Was your Pokemon Go expedition rudely interrupted with no explanation? Twilio messages not getting through? The cause of these outages is actually no mystery, and fingers can be pointed at the outage of a single cloud service provider.

That’s right. As if 2020 couldn’t get more eventful, Amazon Web Services (AWS) had a major outage this morning, and took a good bit of the internet out with it. This means major apps and websites that rely on AWS as their primary cloud service provider are also down for the count.

At a high level, cloud service providers are companies that provide IT environments to store data and share scalable resources across a network. When these services go down, their effects are far reaching because of the ubiquity of this technology; in fact, 94% of enterprises currently rely on a cloud service.

Telnyx’s Multi Cloud Infrastructure

You might be wondering, “Well, what about Telnyx?”

The good news is, Telnyx has been unaffected by the AWS outage, because unlike Twilio and other competitors, our global private network is built on a multi-cloud and multi-site infrastructure, which means that when one cloud provider goes down, it automatically falls back on other providers. We also have features like Remote Call Recovery, which instantly triggers the automatic recovery of calls as soon as an infrastructure failure is detected by our monitoring mechanisms.

In other words, our ability to deliver messages or connect calls doesn’t rest on the hands of one single cloud service provider. Take a look at our network, compared to our competitors.

Competitor Network Comparison

We’ve chosen this approach from the start because we believe in network diversity, redundancy and resiliency, and times like these prove the value of our cloud-agnostic approach. This fundamental difference sets us apart from competitors, but most importantly, it allows us to protect our customers from downstream network issues.

Want to know more about how our network handles cloud provider outages? Ask our experts about what happens if AWS goes down.

As 2020 has shown us so far, you can never have too many safety nets in place. The unpredictable does happen — global pandemics do break out, and the world’s largest cloud service provider will go down at times. Fortunately, when it comes to the latter, Telnyx is prepared, and our customers can check “Reliable Communications Provider” off the list of things to worry about. Heading into the new year, we’re committed to continue delivering on the promise of reliable, robust communications for our customers.

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