Automated Porting With FastPort®

Switch carriers seamlessly, and port numbers faster than ever with just a few clicks. Try our number portability check in our Mission Control Portal today!

Reduce Denied Port Requests

FastPort® programmatically segments numbers and validates your CSR before you submit port requests. This can save you days or even weeks.

Simplified Porting

FastPort® does all the legwork. Complete the entire porting process within the Mission Control Portal or Telnyx API without dealing with old service carriers or SIP trunk providers.

Instant Activation

FastPort® communicates directly with the NPAC so you can schedule cutover times or activate numbers on-demand.

The Future of Number Porting

FastPort® turns the arduous process of porting numbers into a simple matter of point and click. We’ve established information exchanges with most carriers through industry clearinghouse and trading partner access, so we can perform real-time CSR validation and LSR submission.FastPort® is powered by direct, programmatic access to NPAC that’s only available to carriers to give you the power to activate your numbers on-demand. We created FastPort® so you can confidently switch carriers with close to no service interruption.

Programmatic Number Porting

FastPort® eliminates the manual processes that have made number porting a barrier to switching carriers. Choose the best carrier without losing your numbers or disrupting your business.

This was the smoothest port I have ever had! It was always painful in the past especially with Comcast—conference bridge calls, missed TNs, too large of a window in porting—and then the customer experience of missed calls during business hours.... Telnyx was smooth, timely, and efficient. You truly can change a flat tire on a rolling vehicle while in motion—you just did it with this porting. Thanks!

Celerino T
Chief Ecosystem Officer, IP Terra

FastPort® Features

Real-Time CSR Validation

Check your CSR and identify errors before you send a port request.

Seamless User Experience

Port numbers with complete visibility using just the Mission Control Portal or Telnyx API.

User-Controlled Activation

Schedule cutover times and activate numbers in a matter of clicks. (The activation is either on-demand or scheduled)

24/7 Support

Top-notch customer service available to you via phone or in the portal wherever, whenever.

Ready to get started? Our engineers are standing by 24/7

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