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Doctor monitoring patients via IoT devices
Person receiving account notification via text message
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice recognition technology being used to analyze, process and identify patterns in real-time communications to identify customer needs and detect customer sentiment and emotion.
Industry Mini Vignette - Retail and E-commerce

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  • Point of sale

    What happens to sales when your PoS stops working due to wi-fi connectivity issues? Build on Telnyx and stop worrying about it.

  • Self-service debugging

    Debug your communications apps without having to open a support ticket, with self-service debugging in Mission Control.

  • Car on production line

    IoT Gateways

    Discover how Telnyx IoT SIM Cards optimize IoT Gateway connectivity, offering unmatched network coverage, speed, and security.

  • Smart farming machines with GPS tracker and analytics

    Smart Agriculture

    Discover how Telnyx IoT SIM cards enhance agricultural efficiency and productivity, offering innovative solutions for smart farming.

  • Gender fluid Asian (or Mexican) with headphones

    SMS API for CRM and sales

    Enhance your CRM tool with our SMS API. Build customer relationships seamlessly while ensuring compliance with data and privacy restrictions.

  • Woman receives SMS text from customer service

    Customer service with SMS API

    Learn how building on Telnyx can unlock limitless potential for your customer service team. Get started in minutes.