Programmable Networking

Connect applications, devices and services across a global network of multi-cloud points of presence (PoPs) interconnected by a private fiber backbone, for the best in security, latency and availability.

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Connect endpoints across a private global network

The Telnyx network boasts multi-cloud PoPs at key internet exchanges across the globe, interconnected by a private fiber backbone. We trust it to power our carrier-grade voice and data services for thousands of customers. Now, your business can leverage this private network to securely connect applications, services and devices across the globe with low latency and high availability.


Advanced networking, made simple

Our cutting-edge networking tools are available via portal and API, and our expert solutions engineers can help you build your integration the right way.

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    Virtual cross connects (VXCs)

    Connect your cloud environment from AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or IBM Softlayer directly to our global multi-cloud infrastructure via VXC for low-latency networking.

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    Private wireless gateways

    Connect SIM card-enabled devices directly to your private corporate network, keeping them securely away from the public internet.

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    Distributed storage

    Deliver content and experiences from a mesh of distributed endpoints on the Filecoin network for low latency and high availability.


Secure your communications and data

The public internet presents a wide attack surface for bad actors. Keep your data away from the public internet endpoints and on a private network for lower risk.


Fully-owned multi-cloud points-of-presence across the globe

Move data across a private cloud highway

Hops across providers and exchanges on the public internet cause latency and packet loss. Our private fiber backbone means better talk-time latency and audio quality.


Global network bandwidth


Start Building

Our code is your code.

curl -X POST \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --header "Accept: application/json" \
  --header "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY" \
  --data '{"name":"test network","created_at":"2018-02-02T22:25:27.521Z"}' \
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    Build on a truly programmable network

    Powerful APIs connect directly to our global multi-cloud infrastructure, letting you administer networking tools at scale.

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    What is a virtual cross connect?

    Dive into VXCs and learn how the Telnyx network is uniquely positioned to offer customers direct cloud access.

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    Connect Telnyx to AWS, Azure or Google Cloud

    Set up virtual cross connects (VXCs) between your cloud environment and the Telnyx network for low-latency, secure communications.

Peace-of-mind security, made affordable

Explore a range of networking options to meet your needs.

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Scale secure experiences globally on our private network

Because we’re able to get latency down to the level we want with Telnyx, we don’t have to bend the truth with our customers like some of our competitors.
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Benjamin Gleitzman

CTO, Replicant


The Telnyx network is a fully-owned, purpose-built set of multi-cloud points of presence (PoPs) interconnected by a private MPLS fiber backbone. Where other providers’ networks rely on aggregators, single point-of-failure cloud providers, and public internet links, our network guarantees better quality and availability.