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Manage low-latency, highly-available services anywhere in the world with confidence. Global Edge Router enables instant automatic failover between all major cloud providers to keep your services online.

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Improve network performance with edge routing

Latency negatively impacts customer satisfaction and cloud outages cause services to go offline, hurting revenue. To support global scale and fast service delivery, businesses need a network that can handle millions of HTTP requests and traffic.

Edge routing determines the optimal path for data on a network, accounting for distance, network health, and PoP congestion. Correctly-configured edge routing ensures efficient data transmission, reducing latency and improving overall network performance.

Telnyx’s Global Edge Router facilitates fast data delivery to the end user. Our global edge network routes data close to the source, decreasing latency. What’s more, our BGP-anycast solution has instantaneous failover between multiple cloud providers, so services never appear offline.


Edge routing, for global applications

Global Edge Router gives you a complete view of your network to ensure your services are always online.

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    Global Edge Router uses BGP-anycast to ensure instantaneous failover in the event of an unhealthy node, so your services never appear offline.

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    Smart routing

    Global Edge Router uses BGP-anycast to determine the optimal path for data to travel across our network, delivering a low-latency, highly-available service.

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    Multi-cloud failover

    Global Edge Router is the first BGP-anycast solution to work across all major cloud service providers; it keeps your multi-cloud services accessible without manual intervention.

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    One IP

    Configure a single IP address for your multi-region applications to deliver a high performance global solution.

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    Analytics dashboards

    Granular analytics dashboards in Mission Control provide full transparency into site performance so you can be proactive and informed.

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    Global footprint

    Our edge network consists of 25+ points of presence at strategic global hubs, for industry-low latency.


True global scale

We’re continuing to spin up edge PoPs at strategic global hubs to support true edge networking that will increase the availability of services across the globe.


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Always-on support

Most providers put phone support behind a paywall. Telnyx support is available around the clock—for every customer—so your questions never have to wait until Monday.


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We're excited to launch Global Edge Router to a global beta to figure out how this product will best serve the needs of users around the world. Reach out if you need help of set-up or want to influence the product roadmap!

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An edge network refers to infrastructure located close to the sources of data, such as IoT devices or local servers. It processes or stores data at the "edge" of the network, near the data source, rather than sending it back to a centralized cloud-based data center. This approach reduces latency and bandwidth usage and increases privacy and security.