Embeddings API

Quickly build a vector database from stored files with Telnyx Embeddings API. Our intuitive platform makes it easy to embed documents for context-rich inference.

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Create embeddings from stored documents for use in Inference.

Scalable embeddings at your fingertips

Embeddings are numerical representations of data essential for AI's contextual understanding, powering applications like chatbots and fraud detection. But the costs and computational resources required for scalable embeddings are a challenge for businesses trying to harness the full potential of AI.

Telnyx Embeddings API allows users to embed data stored in Telnyx Cloud Storage with the click of a button. Dedicated infrastructure powers scalable embeddings via API so businesses can create vector databases that can offer additional context for Inference, boosting the intelligence of AI applications.

At over 90% cheaper than competitors, Telnyx empowers our users to embed and store vast amounts of data, enhancing the effectiveness of GenAI applications.


Build a cost-effective vector database

Prime data for fast inference with an intuitive and cost-effective embeddings API.

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    Scalable embeddings

    Quickly perform embeddings on stored documents, at scale. Our dedicated infrastructure and OpenAI-compatible APIs power fast embedding for all your files.

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    Easy to use platform

    Whether testing in the portal or deploying to prod via API, our intuitive platform means you don’t have to waste time on MLOps.

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    Embed more for less

    At up to 50% cheaper than competitors, Telnyx allows you to build a vector data base without breaking the bank.


Summarize effortlessly

Instantly summarize internal documents to extract the most important information or condense for sharing with stakeholders


pages summarized instantly

Build your vector database

Store unlimited vectors in Cloud Storage for fast, contextualized inference.


scale storage

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Embeddings pricing

Embed your stored data at 50% less than OpenAI

Starting at


per 1K tokens

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