Cloud VPN

Use WireGuard VPN tunnels to connect apps, devices, cloud environments, or service mesh across Telnyx’s private global multi-cloud network.

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Wireguard VPN tunnel

Connect securely with Cloud VPN

Using the simple WireGuard® VPN protocol, your cloud VPN tunnel connects your application to the Telnyx Network—a global, private IP network built for real-time, low-latency, high-availability communications.


Harness the power of a private, multi-cloud network

Leverage a network purpose-built for reliable communication and connectivity.

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    Global private backbone

    Secure, low-latency connections keep your data away from the public internet.

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    High-performance VPN

    Telnyx Cloud VPN is built on WireGuard®, a state-of-the-art, performant VPN protocol.

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    High availability

    Protect your platform against cloud provider outages with multi-cloud PoPs.

Create a VPN interface in the portal

Start connecting

Our code is your code.

curl -X POST \ --header "Content-Type: application/json" \ --header "Accept: application/json" \ --header "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY" \ --data '{ "network_id": "7c3c05f4-7d53-4edb-9224-371c6d659cd4", "region_code": "ashburn-va", "name": "WG_net01_VA_interface01" }' \

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    Understand the network

    Learn more about our global multi-cloud network, the backbone of Telnyx tools.

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    Networking API

    Learn more about setting up a network with Telnyx by perusing our documentation.

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    Intro to Cloud VPN

    Learn more about our Cloud VPN and how you can leverage the power of the Telnyx network.


What can you build with Telnyx Cloud VPN?


Telnyx is a connectivity platform built on top of a global, private multi-cloud IP network. Our network supports a suite of products and APIs for voice, video, text, and data communications. With Telnyx Cloud VPN, you can connect your apps, communications, and devices across this infrastructure through simple WireGuard® VPN interfaces.