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Feature Highlight: Geomatch

Geomatch can help improve deliverability and increase the local experience of your customers.

Tony Furnas
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The Telnyx SMS API offers programmable, feature rich texting designed to improve your deliverability and lower your costs. You can try it out and send your first message for free in just a few easy steps!
To help you upgrade your SMS strategy, we’re highlighting one of our smart SMS features: Geomatch.

How can Geomatch help me?

For sending A2P (Application to Person) messages, turning on the Geomatch feature with the Telnyx SMS API will help increase your deliverability and make sure that your customers are receiving the right message the first time, every time. When customers are dealing with a local company, they expect that business to have a local number. Matching the area code of your customers will help increase the trust in the message, thus boosting engagement and improving the customer experience. Geomatch can help you create a more local and trusted customer experience for your users if you are:
  • Sending important local public health, store or school closing information.
  • Delivering marketing messages for specific business locations.
  • Using SMS for critical alerts or appointment reminders.

How Geomatch works.

When paired with Number Pool, Geomatch will automatically send messages from a number that matches the local area code of the recipient from within your pool of numbers.

How do I get started?

Follow these quick steps to turn on Geomatch and increase your deliverability today.
  1. Navigate to the Messaging section of your Portal and click on the edit icon for your chosen Messaging Profile.
  2. Click on Number Pool to enable the feature, make sure that you have assigned numbers to the Messaging Profile that match the area codes you’re sending to.
  3. Turn on the Geomatch feature.
When enabling Geomatch, here are some additional features available to you:
  • Number Pool: Automatically spreads message delivery across a group of numbers.
  • Skip unhealthy numbers: When enabled, all unhealthy numbers will be automatically removed from the pool to prevent them from being chosen when sending outbound messages.
  • Sticky Sender: When enabled the Number Pool will remember which originating number was last used to send a message to the given destination number and will try to use the same originating number for all future communications with this destination.
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