Switch to Telnyx in minutes using your existing XML code.

No need for extensive development time or resources, migrate in minutes for better call quality at lower costs.
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  • Say “no” to vendor lock-in

    Migrate in minutes and save on development time and resources.
  • Develop applications, fast

    Simply configure your Telnyx Portal to point at your XML endpoint, we’ll do the rest.
  • Cut your costs

    Customers save an average of 40% when they switch to Telnyx.

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How it Works

Switch without the hassle

Already have an XML application?

If you already have an XML application using programmable voice verbs, simply configure your Telnyx portal connection to point at your XML endpoint. When a call comes in, we’ll do the rest.

Building a new XML application?

Write a new application in minutes using simple TeXML commands—called verbs—which you wrap in an XML file. Telnyx will then execute the commands in your XML file in order.

Realize the benefits

Telnyx is a licensed carrier with a private, global IP network. Unlike competitors, we don’t rely on middlemen for core communications functionality and numbers. That means better call quality at significantly lower costs.

Questions on setup? Talk to our experts

Embed voice into your applications, fast:

  • TeXML Translator quickstart guide
  • Easy-to-follow application-based tutorials
  • SDKs in your preferred language
  • API reference docs

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Use Cases

What can you build with TeXML Translator?

Why Switch from Twilio to Telnyx?

  • Superior Network
    Telnyx is a carrier with a private network environment whereas Twilio relies on the public internet for connectivity and middlemen core communications functionality.
  • Lower Costs
    Telnyx voice API calls have lower pricing across the board, starting at $0.007 / minute to make local outbound calls, compared to $0.013 / minute with Twilio.
  • Better Support
    Telnyx offers 24/7 in-house engineering support via phone and email at no extra cost whereas Twilio charges $1,500 per month for this.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Based on G2 crowd reviews, Telnyx is consistently ranked higher than Twilio in Every. Single. Category.

Ready to Get Started?

Questions on setup? Talk to our experts