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A history of Zipwhip messaging and today’s alternatives

Why does the 2021 closure of Zipwhip, a business SMS tool acquired by Twilio, matter today? What are the alternatives?


By Emily Bowen

In 2021, Twilio acquired Zipwhip, which led to the eventual shutdown of Zipwhip's business texting service. This development left many businesses searching for reliable and scalable messaging solutions.

This article discusses what Zipwhip was and what happened to Zipwhip. It also introduces an alternative for business messaging. Keep reading to learn about an advanced, feature-rich messaging platform that’s a superior alternative to the now-defunct Zipwhip services.

The transition from Zipwhip to Twilio

Twilio's acquisition of Zipwhip marked a significant shift in the messaging technology industry. This transition expanded Twilio's capabilities, particularly in managing toll-free SMS traffic—an area where Zipwhip excelled. However, despite the potential for growth, Twilio decided to shut down the Zipwhip service. This decision doesn't mean that the business need for robust, scalable messaging solutions has disappeared. Instead, it has left a significant gap in services, prompting businesses to keep searching for effective alternatives.

The rising need for specialized messaging solutions

Today’s competitive market drives businesses to seek specialized messaging solutions that enhance customer engagement and streamline operations. There’s a growing demand for versatile APIs. These APIs automate communications and integrate seamlessly with essential business systems like customer relationship management (CRM) software. This integration facilitates real-time interactions and personalized service.

Moreover, comprehensive number verification services have become essential. In sectors like finance and healthcare, they help prevent fraud and ensure compliance with regulations.

The growing need for advanced messaging solutions comes from the need to efficiently handle more customer interactions across various channels. By adopting sophisticated messaging technologies, businesses can boost customer satisfaction, reduce response times, and maintain a competitive edge.

Choosing a Zipwhip messaging alternative

Twilio's discontinuation of Zipwhip's services has prompted businesses to explore other messaging platforms that can meet their needs. Compared to Twilio and Bandwidth, which also provide toll-free SMS and 10DLC services, Telnyx has distinct advantages.

Telnyx SMS API

Telnyx SMS API excels in functionality and ease of integration. It allows businesses to send and receive messages globally with low latency and high deliverability, ensuring seamless communication.

Toll-free numbers and API verification

Telnyx Toll-Free Numbers offers industry-leading number purchase, registration, and throughput. Businesses can verify toll-free numbers through our straightforward API, which helps manage costs effectively and maintain credibility.

Innovation with 10DLC API

Telnyx for 10DLC enables businesses to buy, register, and manage two-way A2P 10DLC numbers. 10DLC maintains the trust and local presence of a standard phone number without the complexities usually associated with it. With Telnyx, you get fast setup and zero-fee campaign migration—all within one API for straightforward 10DLC registration and management.

Comparing Telnyx with competitors

When compared to competitors like Twilio and Bandwidth, Telnyx’s APIs are more user-friendly and adaptable. Here are three reasons why choosing Telnyx for SMS gives your business a competitive edge:

1. Transparent pricing

Telnyx offers straightforward, transparent pricing without complex tiers or hidden fees, making budgeting predictable.

2. Superior network control

Telnyx’s private network ensures quicker message delivery and fewer disruptions, offering higher reliability than Twilio’s reliance on public cloud infrastructure.

3. Comprehensive features and support

Telnyx provides a full suite of messaging capabilities, including programmable SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messaging. The company also offers exceptional customer support, ensuring faster response times.

For businesses that prioritize reliability, cost-effectiveness, and strong customer support, Telnyx offers a clear advantage.

Talk to our team of experts to learn how switching to Telnyx for business messaging can streamline your communications, reduce costs, and enhance customer interactions.

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