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Elevate patient engagement with healthcare APIs

Customer satisfaction starts with reliable communication. Easily build programmable video, voice, and SMS into your existing AI and RPA platforms. Our industry-leading HIPAA-eligible APIs deliver high-quality communication without compromising security.
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Appointment scheduling & reminders

No-shows present costly challenges for healthcare providers. Reduce your patient no-shows with Telnyx’s next-gen communications. Flexible and frictionless, our APIs integrate with your existing workflows to streamline appointment management.

  • Send preventive care reminders and education
  • Schedule, cancel, and confirm appointments
  • Send automated appointment reminders
  • Automatically reschedule missed appointments

Telehealth virtual care

Telehealth visits increased by 50% at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, opening opportunities for both real-time and asynchronous care. As virtual care continues to grow, providers need tools to reduce patient wait times and support care volumes. Telnyx offers customizable solutions so you can personalize care according to your patients’ needs.

  • Build secure, real-time telehealth video conferencing on Telnyx’s private IP network with recording and phone dial-in options
  • Create a video waiting room and add additional participants such as caretakers and interpreters
  • Deliver high quality, reliable voice through Direct SIP or programmable Voice APIs
  • Access speech-to-text, interpretation and translation support for voice and video calls

Follow up care

Positive post-visit phone calls raise patient satisfaction scores and help prevent adverse events, resulting in higher quality care. Conduct timely, efficient, and patient-centered follow-ups with our healthcare API platform.

  • Send IVR or SMS surveys to capture patient feedback
  • Trigger automated follow up phone calls
  • Deliver custom postoperative care messages to patients, family members, and designated caretakers via SMS or voice calls
  • Respond quickly to patient inquiries with two-way messaging and seamless message-to-voice routing
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Design your patient engagement platform with Telnyx

SIP Trunking

Global voice connectivity for your VoIP infrastructure.

Voice API

The quality and control you need to build the voice experience you want.

Video API

Build custom, HIPPA-compliant telehealth video on a global private IP network.


Build reliable global messaging into your application—fast.

IVR Solutions

Build a scalable IVR to deliver a better customer experience and reduce operational costs.

Contact Center

Automate and optimize call flows to better manage patient conversations.


Use automated voice and SMS alerts to streamline patient engagement.


Automatically remind patients of upcoming appointments, reducing no-shows.

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