IoT Security Solutions

Connect any device, anywhere in the world to secure IoT on a private LTE network—all with a single SIM.

Keep IoT devices off the public internet for a comprehensive IoT security solution.

  • IoT devices on the public internet are insecure. Build reliable IoT security and eliminate the risk of cyberattacks by connecting your devices directly to your private corporate network with Telnyx IoT SIM Cards and Private Wireless Gateways.

IoT security solutions made simple

Acquire SIM cards

Order SIM cards shipped to your door and register them on the Telnyx global carrier network. Telnyx IoT SIM cardss are hardware-agnostic and work with any cellular IoT device.

Connect SIM cards to your private network

Set up a Private Wireless Gateway in a few clicks, connecting your IoT SIM cards in the field directly to your cloud environment or your on-premise servers for the ultimate in IoT security.

Build your IoT application

Integrate real-time data sharing, machine-to-machine commands and SMS into your application. Customize features via the Telnyx API and Mission Control Portal based on your specific use case.


Get global connectivity with IoT security solutions built-in

  • IoT SIM Card

    One SIM gives your devices access to 400+ carriers in 180+ countries.

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  • Private Wireless Gateways

    Connect your IoT SIM cards directly to your cloud environment or on-premise server for best-in-class IoT security.

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  • Wireless API

    Control and monitor everything about your IoT devices with code - including data limits, IMEI locking, remote activation and more.

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DevOps Manager
  • "We used several different carriers before Telnyx, but it was a huge headache to manage. From data limits, to billing, to having to switch SIMs as devices moved around to different parts of the world."

    Clair Global provides communications and connectivity for live events with Telnyx IoT SIM Cards.

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Build and integrate IoT applications using the Telnyx API

  • Easy-to-use self-service portal
  • An intuitive API
  • Quickstart guide
  • API reference docs

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Create a Private LTE Network with Telnyx Wireless

Enhance your IoT security, access and control by creating a Private LTE network with Private Wireless Gateways.

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IoT Security with Private LTE Networks

Private networks can help minimize the risk of cyber attacks for IoT applications through bypassing the public internet.

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Choose Telnyx for global, scalable IoT security solutions

  • Your private LTE network
    Avoid exposure to the internet with end-to-end private connectivity via our global backbone.
  • Global coverage
    Take your IoT products global with coverage across 230+ countries and territories with 660+ roaming partners.
  • Seamless mobility
    Move around the world seamlessly with automatic carrier switching.
  • Real-time data
    Track and analyze cellular connectivity and usage in real time via our easy-to-use Portal and APIs.
  • Unparalleled 24/7 support
    Our team of in-house engineers is available around the clock at no extra cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions about IoT Security Solutions

IoT security solutions are intended to prevent bad actors from gaining access to your IoT devices. Most IoT security solution providers offer IoT device security solutions that center around buying and operating your own dedicated access points on your premises.

With Telnyx IoT SIM cards and Private Wireless Gateways, you can build a private LTE network, isolating your devices from the attack surface of the public internet without purchasing any custom hardware. Simply insert our SIM cards into your devices, set up a Private Wireless Gateway in the Telnyx Portal, and connect your corporate environment---whether that's an on-premise server, or a cloud endpoint in AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or any other cloud platform.

The best way to achieve IoT security is to keep your IoT devices invisible to the public internet. That's easier said than done, since a given IoT device often relies on having a public IP address so that other devices, applications and services can send requests to that device.

Telnyx IoT SIM Cards give your IoT devices connectivity across the globe, and can be assigned public IP addresses for better interoperability with your apps and services. Combining IoT SIM cards with Private Wireless Gateways gives your IoT devices a private IP address that's reachable from anywhere inside your corporate network, but invisible to the public internet.

The public internet is dangerous for IoT device security because IoT devices that are reachable from the public internet are susceptible to cyber attacks. Devices with public IP addresses can be compromised by known vulnerabilities. For a safe alternative, you should give your devices IP addresses that are reachable from inside your corporate network but invisible to the public internet. Private Wireless Gateways unlock this functionality for Telnyx IoT SIM cards.

IoT SIM cards are not inherently secure, because they usually make devices accessible from the public internet. Devices that are accessible from the public internet are vulnerable to attacks from bad actors.

IoT SIM cards can be secure if their IP addresses are invisible to the public internet. Unfortunately, this precludes other apps, services and devices from making requests to those devices, thus severely limiting their functionality. With Private Wireless Gateways from Telnyx, you can assign IP addresses to your devices and reach them from any endpoint inside your corporate network, while closing off access to any endpoint from outside your network on the public internet.

Most IoT SIM card providers don't offer built-in IoT security solutions. Telnyx does. Private Wireless Gateways allow you to connect IoT devices directly to your corporate network, opening them to receive and respond to requests from your apps, services and devices while keeping them invisible to the public internet. Eliminating this public attack surface mitigates a huge amount of cyberattack risk and enhances your IoT device security.

You can prevent SIM swap attacks by enabling theft prevention features in your IoT SIM card provider's portal. IoT SIM swap attacks occur when a bad actor physically steals a SIM card from your IoT device, inserts it into a device of their own and then uses the connectivity and access of that SIM card to gain access to your account information and potentially exploit the phone number associated with that SIM card to receive text messages and bypass SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA).

Telnyx has several built-in IoT security solutions that guard against IoT SIM swap attacks. Our built-in theft prevention features allow you to specify known device IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers for each SIM card, and automatically disable a SIM card when it's inserted into a device with an unauthorized IMEI number.

Aside from locking a SIM card to an IMEI number---or a list of IMEI numbers---Telnyx IoT SIM cards have numerous other IoT security solutions built-into our user portal. Each SIM card shows details of the device in which it is inserted, as well as the coarse location of that device. Users can also set up alerting on data usage and other SIM card activity. This unlocks a broad range of insights that users can leverage to detect when a SIM card has been stolen, and remotely deactivate that SIM card in seconds, all from within Mission Control Portal.