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Dedicated to Production

Telnyx is an organization of engineers. Network engineers, telephony engineers and software engineers, sure, but also accounting, marketing and sales engineers. We have a builder ethos interested in solving real-world problems, modernizing the antiquated and automating the manual, and we spend our days dragging telecom kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Building the Next-Gen Phone Company

Telecom customers are accustomed to cumbersome, half-hearted service and snail-paced innovation. We’re building an internet-centric, agile phone company for tomorrow’s communication: fast, clear, contextual conversations untethered from devices and unconstrained by geography.

Our Next Hire

You’re a practical dreamer. You like moonshots and massive disruption, but you build toward them with steady, feasible, self-sustaining plans. You’re meticulous about the details without losing sight of the big picture. You’re imaginative but thorough. Most of all, you like to build, and you build to last.

How We Work

Foundational Tech

We build foundational technology—the kind that powers communications products from both the world’s most well-known brands and new, innovative startups.


We build for tomorrow’s challenges. Our products solve problems that exist today, but we’re watching how the world is changing today in order to be essential tomorrow.

Flat Organization

Telnyx is a flat, decentralized organization where everyone is important but no one is crucial. We own our own projects while relying on each other’s expertise, ideas and skills.

Meaningful Perks

We support employees with competitive salary, retirement and health benefits, meaningful equity grants and a modern, ergonomic office with top-notch technology and full amenities.

Flexible Work

We are flexible. We work around holiday travels and daily errands. We’ve supported teammates as they’ve relocated to our other office location or worked from abroad for extended periods.

Work-Life Help

The company takes care of the menial so you can focus on the meaningful: meals, laundry, house cleaning, your commute and personal growth materials all covered.

Engineering at Telnyx

Telnyx is an engineering-led organization, and 70% of Telnyx employees are programmers or engineers. The engineering organization maintains our global IP network, the cloud communications service, the many bridges to other tandem networks and providers, the customer-facing portal and API, massive telemetry and data stores and all the ancillary services required to provide reliable uptime and around-the-clock customer service. It’s a substantial undertaking that requires a roomful of gritty, innovative problem-solvers dedicated to building durable, lightweight products.

The Team

Telnyx engineers work in small teams focused on specific products and services. A team becomes intimately familiar with how a product functions, pools their knowledge and tackles questions as a unit. Telnyx is a unique organization because of our flat structure and our service that runs the gamut on technological scope. Because of this, development happens in a decentralized, multi-fronted way. Engineers have to be comfortable tackling problems without clear solutions, searching out knowledge among the organization, working alongside a number of teams building tandem services and self-organizing to build processes and resources that make development smoother.

The Process

Telnyx leverages agile development strategies. Daily meetings and structured project tracking keep the teams organized, and product managers keep development aligned with company objectives.

Daily Standups

Teams meet once a day to sync on project progress and address blockers. We’ve found that short daily meetings keep projects on course, reduce scope creep and keep blockers from accumulating and causing major delays.

Kanban Development

We employ a kanban development philosophy that prioritizes quick iterations that are responsive to changing business and customer needs. We compose products by their smallest possible components, put out new products for customer feedback early and often, and we continually layer new feature enhancements after release.

Microservices Architecture

The Telnyx service is composed of dozens of smaller microservices. We like granular development that pulls functions apart into self-contained operations, as opposed to rolling development into unwieldy products that are difficult for developers to learn and analyze. We find this modularity makes development faster and makes it easier to identify and fix technical issues.

The Tech


Docker, Consul, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Spark


PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra


Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer


Python, Elixir, Java, Scala, and JavaScript


Kamailio, FreeSWITCH

The Interview

As an engineering organization, Telnyx looks for smart and deliberate problem solvers. We like teammates who communicate clearly, who share their knowledge willingly and who take pride in and ownership of the products they build.

Whether you’re ready to apply or just curious about how the process works, we want to be transparent about what to expect. Our hiring process differs from role to role, but these are the general steps that we use to get to know you:

Apply for Position

Submit your credentials. This helps us find qualified candidates.

Phone Interview

Speak with a senior engineer. This helps us get to know your background and provides you an opportunity to learn more about the role.

Coding Challenge

Solve a predetermined challenge. This helps us verify your experience and understand how you approach unfamiliar problems.

In-Person Interview

Speak with 5-6 team members in pairs and complete a paired programming or algorithm challenge. This helps us evaluate technical skill, experience and value fit.

Career Openings

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