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Webinar: Sending SMS in the United States

Webinar: Sending SMS in the United States

The ins and outs of messaging your customers in the world's largest economy

The landscape of SMS is changing rapidly, and the rollout of A2P 10-digit long code presents a major shift in how businesses message consumers.

Sign-up to watch our webinar Sending SMS in the United States where you will learn:

  • How United States is different from other markets
  • The different number types to target your customers
  • Registering in the US
  • Which regulation will impact you
  • Use cases and best practices


Danilo Smaldone headshot

Danilo Smaldone | Solutions Architect, Telnyx

Danilo has worked in the ICT/TLC environment for over 20 years, with a focus on VoIP. His knowledge extends from pure network infrastructure to VoIP telephony, to the old circuit-switched telephony. Above all, Danilo is known for his ability to explain complicated concepts in a way that everybody understands. His motto is: “I like to know; I’m afraid to know.”

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