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SMS/MMS deliverability guide 2024

Read our in-depth SMS & MMS delivery guide based on a sample of 1 billion messages sent in late 2022


By Emily Bowen

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Plenty of articles tout the benefits of MMS and SMS as channels, but few go into technical detail about performance benchmarks and tips based on statistically significant data.

Leverage our expertise and analysis of a sample of >1 billion SMS / MMS messages to unlock the potential of messaging.

In this guide, we cover:

  1. The truth about SMS delivery rates
  2. The quantitative difference between top performers - and the rest
  3. How to become a top performer in terms of delivery
  4. Common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid
  5. Error codes, acronyms and other important delivery related jargon

... and more.

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2024 SMS deliverability eBook

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