Telnyx named CPaaS leader

We're named Leader in the G2 Spring 2024 report. Learn how we compare to other cloud communications platforms.

Telnyx 90%
Plivo 87%
Bandwidth 82%
Vonage 79%
Twilio 78%
MessageBird 66%

We'll let our customers do the talking

Amongst competitors, Telnyx is most likely to be recommended by its customers with the highest score in G2 Crowd's Best Results category. Customers cite Telnyx's easy-to-use APIs, fast ramp-up times, global reach, and high-quality communications.

Telnyx 94%
Bandwidth 91%
Plivo 88%
MessageBird 84%
Twilio 83%
Vonage 79%

Best-in-class support

With 24/7/365 access to in-house engineering support, Telnyx customers are always covered during ramp-ups, incidents, and troubleshooting. Telnyx ranked above competitors for our accessible documentation, developer community, and professional support.

Telnyx 92%
Plivo 89%
Bandwidth 84%
Vonage 82%
Twilio 80%
MessageBird 70%

Easy-to-use APIs

From in-app messaging and calling to feature-rich contact centers, Telnyx solves communications needs at every complexity level, empowering customers to build their ideal solutions through user-friendly RESTful APIs and an award-winning self-service portal.

Telnyx is the most reliable tech- and developer-friendly SIP carrier and [SIP] Trunking provider.

Tyler Harden

Senior Cloud Engineer, Duke Energy


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