Up to 7X Faster Approvals

Hassle-Free SMS Registration

Are 10DLC or Toll Free Messaging registration processes holding you up? Telnyx's approval times are up to 7X faster than other providers and save developers 10+ hours per week.

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10DLC and Toll Free Messaging is Hassle Free with Telnyx
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Developer-friendly compliance tools

Developers save hours per week with Telnyx's easy-to-use compliance tools. Our platform regularly wins awards for its developer-friendliness.


hours of developer time saved per week

Industry-leading registration speed

In mid 2023, most registrations through our API were completed within 3 business days - others took 20 days or longer.


faster approvals than other providers, with bulk registration also supported.

Painless Toll Free Throughput Increases

Easily access higher Toll Free Messaging volumes without completing extra forms that other providers ask for.


higher Toll Free Messaging Throughput with minimal changes

Telnyx 10DLC Rapid Setup Demo

Watch the below video to get a sense of how Telnyx handles 10DLC registrations - a major part of Messaging compliance.

Toll Free & 10DLC Registration - Why The Fuss?

In this short video in early 2023, our team explain why Toll Free and 10DLC registration have caused challenges for so many folks - and how we approach it.

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